I’m reading a novel called ”Sweep” it’s about a girl who discovered that she’s a blood witch, and wicca and magick (NOT magic ) is in her blood .

Is wicca real ?


  • Okay, I just have to say this. I have been a wiccan for 13 years, I get so mad at people who get all bent out of shape at shows like charmed and books like the sweep series. No it is not an exactly like real wicca, cuz it is a book for entertainment. If it was an true and exact match for real wicca people wouldn’t read it cuz they would get bored. Lets face it real life really isn’t all that entertaining. So yes they use artistic license to spice it up. But here is what I take out of it. I actually sends a more positive message about wicca then most books and has quite a few facts correct such as studying for a year and a day, etc. So if people come away with a little more of an understanding view of wicca, why bitch about it. Any fiction book about wicca will not get everything right. But at least they are increasing awareness!! And the wiccans aren’t melting by water or casting hexes on others! In fact, the book is more about making the good choices not the easy ones everyday. It is definitely a book I would allow my child to read!!!

  • Whoa, I am Wiccan and I agree with most of these comments supporting claim that this book really isn’t a good depiction of it, but Wicca is not 60 years old!

    It’s hundreds if not thousands of years older than that! The reason it is called one of the ancient or first earth based religions is because of this.

    Another thing, there are many ways to manipulate energy or use your will on something but you can rarely if ever shoot fireballs from your hands or kill someone by saying a couple of words over a candle. Also, it is not a violent religion, so this isn’t technically ‘allowed’ anyway.

    “An it harm none, do what thou willst”

  • I am a Wiccan… and I have read Sweep.

    Wicca is real…

    but much of what Sweep depicts is not.

    There are no clans, no such thing as blood Witches, no such thing as a Witch’s councel, no such thing as magical “powers” that only certain people inherit genetically, and magic does not work in real life the way it works in Sweep.

    My religion is very real and very meaningful.

    But it is nothing nothing nothing like what is written in Sweep.

  • yes wicca is very real…it is an Earth based religion that follows a lot of the old gods and goddesses. It is a very open religion and can be changed to fit anyones lifestyle. there is no holy book but many wiccans like to follow “an ye harm none, do what ye will”. magick can be thought of as the force in starwars. it is the energy that is connected to everyone and everything. this is the best answer i can give for ive only been studying wicca since 3/22/09.
    ~love and light to you~

  • -facepalm-

    Wicca is real, magic is real (depending on your personal beliefs about manipulating energy), and SWEEP is the worst representation of Wicca (besides Charmed) I’ve ever encountered. It’s an amusing story, but it’s not accurate in the least.

    1) Witches and Wiccans are not the same people (sometimes Wiccans practice witchcraft, but it’s not an inherent part of the religion). Witchcraft is an activity, of sorts; Wicca is a religion. Two separate things that sometimes overlap.

    2) Neither Wiccans nor witches have crazy supernatural magical powers. Nothing that enables anyone to shoot lightning bolts from their fingers anyway. Or to call up massive changes in weather. Or to kill people by lighting some candles.

    3) Neither Wicca nor witchcraft are biologically hereditary. Wicca is only 60 years old, so it’s possible that there are some families who happen to have been Wiccan since then and are raising their children as Wiccans, but it’s something people choose, not something you’re born with. Furthermore, just because someone converts to Wicca doesn’t mean their beliefs are any less valid than someone whose parents were also Wiccan. It’s got nothing to do with power or magic. It’s a belief system.

    4) That Seven Clan thing the book goes on about is complete bunk. Again, Wicca was founded about 60 years ago. It is not a continuation of some super secret pagan religion that went underground to hide from Christians. It’s 20th century stuff.

    For more clarification, you should see http://wicca.timerift.net.

  • Wicca is real because it is my religion and so is magick. Magick is the energy around you that you can bend to your will, if you have enough control over it. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t throw fire balls or anything, but you can heal people if your magick is strong enough. But, I’ve read that book, and being a witch and a Wiccan are two different things. You can be both, but just because you’re one doesn’t mean that you have to be the other. I can actually change the weather if I focus hard enough:) and sometimes I have visions, but thats because I’m clairvoyant. Wicca is not Satanic, by the way. Just because we’re not Christian doesn’t mean that we’re evil. And there is no council of witches. Some of us do use runes, though. And there is no such thing as a blood witch. Anyone can become a witch, if you practice witchcraft. I’ve spelled magick with a k since my grandmother taught me Wicca seven years ago and I just read that book last year, so I didn’t get that idea from the book. Some of us actually do spell magick like that 😉 And there is a rule in Wicca, it basically says that if you don’t harm anyone, than you can do as you will. And the threefold law which is any energy or magick sent out will be returned to you three-fold. You won’t be able to levitate anything, but Wicca is a great religion and I’ve loved it for a very long time 🙂

  • Wicca is real, but it bears little similarity to the “sweep” series.

    Wicca is a religion, not a magical practice.

    Spelling it “magick” doesn’t suddenly make it make more sense.

    Wiccans and witches are not the same thing.

    There’s no such thing as a blood witch

    There are no great Wiccan clans.

    Wicca is something you believe in, study and practice, not something into which you are born.

    We are not special. We’re just like everyone else. We just happen to follow a particular set of beliefs. Wicca cannot be in your blood.

    Yes, Wicca and magic are real, although real magic bears little resemblance to MOST fictional depictions of it. “Magick” is most commonly a spelling used by people to make them look “in the know.” They aren’t. Unless you’re talking about the beliefs of Aleister Crowley, I strongly suggest spelling “magic” like the rest of the world. Even the founder of Wicca spelled it “magic.”

  • Yes.

    It takes years of study to understand and to use it.

    It’s not a magician show of pulling rabbits out of a hat. It’s a deep very moving religious spritual experience.

  • of coarse wicca is real, wicca is a religion that anyone can practice. and magick is real as well, but its not in someones blood. any one can use magick. science these days is actually becoming more and more like ancient magic (and it really doesnt matter how you spell magic)

  • The woman who wrote the Sweep novels deserves to be given a thousand papercuts from her own works, then be dipped in lemon juice.

    Her books have NOTHING to do with Wicca. She just wrote some teen fiction about magic and threw the word Wicca in there to capitalize on a trend.

    Now we Wiccans (and some of us have been Wiccan for 20, 30 years) are being approached by teenagers who pick up these trash books and think we are what those books are about.

    It sounds, at first, like it is funny and empowering to have your religion labeled as something it isn’t. I mean, after all, her characters have powers, they have drama and excitement…and we all want power and drama and excitement, right?

    Except, you see, her characters are doing something FICTIONAL, and the fictional stuff they are doing is nonsense, and dangerous to them, and has bigger consequences than they realize. The lesson she’s teaching is that what she calls Wicca is DANGEROUS, what she calls Wicca causes problems for the community it occurs within and frankly, what she calls Wicca should probably be destroyed.

    So, at first, it sounds kind of neat that her Wiccans are all powerful and such, until you follow her claims to the logical conclusion and realize that in her world, for the world to be a SAFE PLACE there need to be no Wiccans at all.

    Now. Take this idea from her books- that in order for the world to be really safe and calm there need to be no Wiccans-no one doing her “magick”-and now contrast this idea with the FACT that there is a real religion of Wicca (which has nothing to do with the crap in her books.) Think about it for a second.

    Isn’t it kind of scary?

    If it was any religion other than Wicca that she was lying about like this, like if she was writing fictional stories about “Jewish Blood Magick” and saying “but it is just fiction,” would we as a culture put up with it?

  • Sweep is a fictional book that poorly portrays Wicca accurately. I wouldn’t use that book as a factual source of information on Wicca.

    Wicca is indeed real, but does not focus on spells and magic the way fictional books claim. Wicca is a religion that focuses on building and maintaining a relationship with the God and Goddess. Wicca can **only** be practiced through serious dedicated **study**. There is NO such thing as a Blood Wiccan or a blood Witch. That is the stuff of fiction.

    And Magic spelled any other way is still magic. Don’t get caught up in silly spelling fads.

    If you want REAL information on Wicca, try this site

  • yes, wicca is real. it’s a religion.
    magick is also something that some [ not all ] wiccans practice.
    Witches are real too. =O
    I haven’t read the sweep series, myself. but it’s my understanding that many concepts written within the book are not true portrayals of life- which is why it’s fiction. (i.e. being a ‘bloodwitch’ or the 7 great clans)


    • Wicca is in fact real. We do not sit in our “OWN LITTLE FANTASY WORLD” we are not “REALLY STUBBORN AND STUPID ABOUT IT” Us ” GOD DAMN WICCA PEOPLE” can in fact accept facts. In fact, it’s you who “CANT ACCEPT FACTS”. This is why you are denying it all. If you are christian then why are you saying the Lord’s name in vein? That is no way a Christian should talk.

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