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Is Wicca A guide for the solitary practitioner a good book?

Okay yesterday i bought Wicca A guide for the solitary practitioner by Scott Cunningham. I have heard that he is a good author to read but i have also heard that he isn’t. I have only been reading about Wicca for about 6 months now and i thought he could answer a lot of my questions.
Any advice?


  1. I prefer the Magical Methodist guide although the Forrest Methodist isn’t all that bad either

  2. He’s not the best but he is better than a lot of other Wiccan authors out there. Some traditionalists don’t like him because of the whole self-initiation talk and he does water down the beliefs some…he can also be kinda white-lighterish, telling people to not worship deities of death and war. But he’s fair.

  3. While it is a fairly overly simplistic book it is *not* a bad book for beginners.
    Usually the book I suggest for beginners depends on where I see the beginner ending up… this is the one I recommend for people who I think aren’t that serious…not because it is bad, but because it gives a shallow yet positive understanding which is good for those who aren’t that serious… If the student comes back wanting more, then I reassess my view…
    If it had been one of the first books I read, I probably would’ve dismissed Wicca as very shallow, however.

  4. As others have said, this is a great book for beginners but it isn’t very deep. If you finish it and want more, I would suggest StarHawk’s “The Spiral Dance”. Just stay away from anything by Silver RavenWolf!

  5. I LOOOVVVEEE that book. It’s so easy to read, and he explains things in a language ANYONE can understand. I’m still waiting to get the next book “Living Wicca”.
    An excellent choice of book. Cunningham is a great author. But this is just my opinion.

  6. It’s ok for a beginner, rather a simple book, but it is a good starting point. New people to Paganism, or younger people, notably teenagers would recommend this book, I suspect. Elders would probably be seeking something deeper hence will be the ones that wont rate him as such a great author.
    But for easy and gentle reading, yeah, it’s probably a good choice. Once you start, you will begin to learn your own path, so a lot of books are not really a necessity, and a lot are repetitive.

  7. Yes, this is a good book for a beginner who is desiring a solitary path.
    Whatever you do remember this is your path not someone elses. Hence do not listen to those who tell you you must do this or that or use this item or that item or you will be wrong. There are those who would judge you based upon your knowledge of what they believe and know. If this is truly your path you will know and no one else.

  8. It was one of the first books I read on the subject, and I recommend it strongly to beginners.
    Some people don’t like Cunningham because a lot of Fluffies quote him. personally, I don’t think the Fluffies properly represent what Cunningham wrote. Cunningham did encourage a lot of personal spiritual seeking, but that does NOT mean ‘Wicca can be whatever you want it to be,” for example.
    Here’s some more of my recommendations and reviews:

  9. It’s a beginner book and should be treated as such. By this, I mean that the book gives a brief, simplified overview of the religion. It doesn’t go into a lot of detail and there are many things that aren’t even discussed.
    However, in this book, Cunningham offers a decent skelatal look at the religion from which the reader can build upon with further study and personal exploration.


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