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Is what I am feeling my aura?

So I have been experimenting w/ my psychic abilities and such for a while now and I learned about psi balls and like-things. When I cup one hand or both I can feel a tingly sensation in my hands. If I turn them so that the finger tips of each hand are facing towards each other and I move them closer but not quite touching the feeling gets stronger.


  • Ignore Riaz, there’s nothing wrong with you (trust me).

    You’re not so much feeling your aura, you’re more feeling your internal energy connecting your fingertips together.

    I know EXACTLY what you’re going through as I went through all of that about 9 years ago! Sounds like you’re going through a boost of psychic abilities at the moment.

    If you have any worries, questions, doubts etc (I doubted my sanity for a while), please feel free to get in touch via my profile.

    Best of luck to you – an exciting time awaits!

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