Is waking the Kundalini serpent up potentially dangerous?

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I wonder if a taoist sesual exercise might have caused me a brain bleed. I read that´s the way Bruce Lee died

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At the top of the Chakras———–YES INDEED!


Any spirit that is not of God is of Satan. Your conjuring up a demonic presence that is mimicking an ancient false deity;, yes, it can be harmful.


I have awakened the kundalini, years ago, and have met the dangers, changed, and now am most powerful, while seeming compliant and weak.
It is of no consequence to the cosmos, but, to my students, my friends, my equals, my society, it is great!
Go, find yours! Before it is too late!


not if you do it with a very long sharp stick


it can be dangerous, if you do it wrong. ahimsa. check these websites

steven g

The path of Spiritual enlightenment or self realisation, should only be developed with the guidance of a bona fide representative of God, the Spiritual master.
Bhagavad Gita 4;34
Tad viddhi pranipatena,
Pariprasnena sevaya,
Upadeksyanti te jnanam,
Jnaninas tattva darsinah,
Just try to learn the truth, by approaching a bona fide Spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self realised souls can impart knowledge unto you, because they have seen the truth.
Krishna is The Supreme Personality of Godhead and he has established a 5,000 year old unbroken chain of disciplic succession to provide knowledge to transcend the cycle of the repetition of birth and death, by revival of the original Spiritual body(The summum bonum of Kundalini), to seek this knowledge and enlightenment, contact :-Sriman Sankarshan Das Adhikari (


sure not! Bruce Lee died for an allergy from the medicine of the pill he took for his head ache. raising the kundalini is very good. with a partner. with condoms (beware of AIDS!)


As it rises, if it encounters a blocked chakra you’re in trouble… because it may lead to insanity.
A qualified teacher is highly recommended.


Sorry it sounds like a load of rubbish.

I think a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, make sure you know what you are doing before you do it. You wouldn’t want to jump from a plane without knowing how to open your parachute.
I disagree with the people who say you always need a teacher for 2 reasons, a) Kundalini can happen when you are ready for it to happen in a natural way without even having done anything specific to try to cause it to happen. b) Many teachers do not know as much as they would want you to believe. I expect a good teacher will lead you in the direction for it to happen, but will not force it on to you as they know the consequences.
The natural way is best, though it is so transformative that your life will no doubt change, and that can be a shock to the system and having someone to talk to about it helps.
You can ‘force’ it to happen I’m told, (by doing certain exercises to open all the chakras) and if your physical body is not ‘ready’ then I’ve heard temporary mental damage can occur. If a person was not mentally stable then it can tip them over the edge into insanity.
I am no expert, but I have not heard ever of internal bleeding due to Kundalini. Bruce Lee was doing many things that could cause a haemorrage, some of which he was warned about, but ignored.
If you had a Kundalini experience, you will know it – it is nothing that is left in doubt – you will physically feel the energy moving up through the Chakras and out through the top of your head.
I doubt if the exercises you did would cause bleeding. Also, if you are trying to awaken Kundalini, there is more chance of you not being able to do it, because you are trying, than there is of it happening.
Go back to the teacher who taught you, or write to the author of the book you got the exercise from and get their opinion.


1- for those who know NoT the difference between beat root and carrot, yes it makes no sense.
2- yes. It is dangerous. Dangers of a- death b-insanity c- uncuttable sicknesses awaits those who want to jump from the cliff without preparation
3- as fire is dangerous. Gas bottle in the kit hen is dangerous. But if you have the correct instruments, you can use fire safely.
4- years of study is necessary before you start practicing the processes. If you do not do your homework, sorry, you will certainly suffer. If you do your preparation, you will gain power and love beyond imagination of insect life of 6 billion semi alive semi intelligent drones calling themselves human. But all of them have the potential. And very few o them have the intelligence tom learn and guts to do what it takes.
5- prerequisites, a- love, b- forgiveness, c- honesty d- gratefulness e-graciousness f-tolerance g- physical strength and doing certain asanas regularly h-NOT doing the kryas unless all prepRations are done.
6- this was one paraphrase (clause 5) you needs several more hundreds of pages of knowledge first, seek you will find I gave you the clues


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