Is virginity real?

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What is virginity? Is it real?
I was thinking about all the effort that people have put forth in trying to quantify the human soul… weighing people before and after their deaths, looking for the pineal gland… ifs and thens… theories and conclusions… all to decide its real, but we can’t find it.
That got me thinking about virginity… same thing, right? I realize that many people mistakenly believe that they can examine the hyman, but that can be torn in many different ways besides intercourse. Heck, is a girl who masturbates a virgin if she’s never had sex with a man?

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Lol. Depends on the person and what the think.
I didn’t count the first time I had sex (in February of 07) because not only did we not finish, but he didn’t even get it all the way in. But he broke my hymen.
To me, I just lost mine in October of 07.


hey u can never judge virginity with breaking of hymen…
see…if it breaks during the intercourse then u can be rest assured that she is a virgin
but…if it doenn’t blleed during sex u can never know…bcoz hymen can break due other stresses to the hymen..hope u got my point

Clem D

Virginity as a physical condition can be difficult to define for the reasons you’ve stated. So looking for concrete physical proof of someone’s virginity is difficult to find.
But virginity should really be seen as an abstract entity without physical manifestation. How do you physically quantify an experience? If you have had sex (define it as you like) you are no longer a virgin.


Yeah, if you have never been fingered or had sexual intercourse then you are still a virgin.


lol that’s allready been cleared up.. a guy or girl is a virgin until intercourse.. jees, where have you been lol?


The hymen used to be proof before women became so active. Women never did such activities, they mostly sat around the house and cooked and cleaned, they didn’t go running, swimming, bike riding, they rode horses sidesaddle.
Also masturbation was a huge sin, a woman was considered unclean if she indulged in such pleasures.


Yeah she hasnt had sexual intercorse with the opposite sex there for shes a virgin


Virginity doesn’t mean hymen.
Person can be called virgin if and only if he/she never had intercourse.
Person who masturbated still a virgin.

Daddy's girl

I climbed trees and ran around like i was crazy when i was little, yet my hyman was still entact.
I also know lately girls call themselves virgins even after engaging in oral sex. I don’t see how that qualifies but alot of people tell me it does. I mean, sex is sex, right? I know, we have Ol slick Willy to thank in messing that one up for us.


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