Is Vipassana a vegetarian tradition, and also which branch of Buddhism is it?

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I thought it was Theravada but then someone told me it was vegetarian. And I always thought the Theravada teachers are usually defending meat eating? So does Vipassana involve going vegetarian?

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Vipaasana is a form of Meditation.The Wikipedia information that it was invented by Gauthama Buddha is NOT Correct–Wikipedia all sorts of Wikis are either writing or editing–Hindu religious Meditation only was used by sri.Gautham Buddha also.

Pink Lille

all buddhist practic vipassana whether it is vegetarain tradition or not. vipassana can have many levels according to different schools. traditionally vipassana was practic after the practice of shamata. shamata helps to calms all our thoughts and vipassana helps to look in our nature of mind without a distraction as it is. this two are the only way to enlighten.


Vegetarianism is just a common misconception about Buddhism.


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