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Is using magick bad, and what will it do to you?

Okay, so I want to cast a love spell. If I do, would i be risking my soul, or Christian religion? Is it possible to make someone fall in love with you using magick spells, curses? Is it a sin? is it worth it? is it dangerous? if not, any ideas?


  1. ???
    You’ve been reading too many questionable books.
    There is no more scientific basis for ‘magic’ than there is for theology.
    Why not just snare him the old-fashioned, tried-and-true way? Whip a little skull on him and he’ll follow you anywhere ☺

  2. Normally Christianity and magic don’t go together. Most of them believe it’s all bad. Witch isn’t true magic is neither good nor evil it’s the intent that matters. However it can still go very wrong even with good intent. I think fooling around with any type of magic is dangerous and should always be handled with care. Most Christians would say it’s a sin that it says it is in the bible. I say it depends on what you believe is bad. A love spell could very easily turn in to a type of curse but then again just about any spell can. My advice is to do some reading up on love spells and the people who have cast them in the past. Find out the cost it could have. However even after that I really advise you not to. if you have to resort to that then it was never meant to be to begin with. Try talking to him if he says no then his lost and move on. You shouldn’t resort to magic for this.

  3. Doing magic tricks can get you your own popular evening talk show on television ..like Johnny Carson once discovered . Casting love spells is like throwing dice . It’s still there after you throw them..but nobody falls in love over it .

  4. Magic is evil
    Mystics are the ones that believe a few words chanted, a few rituals performed, and suddenly they have power… to change destiny, to influence others. Mysticism is the most self-centered philosophy I have come across… actually thinking the spiritual world can be manipulated with the physical world – for selfish gain. That the spiritual world manifests in the physical. That the physical can change the physical via the spiritual. Everything from pagan idol gods to astrology to palmistry to crystal balls… its all about finding a source of knowledge and power… instead of simply yeilding humbly to fate/god. Ultimately, it comes down to profiting with the least amount of effort and strain. Mysticism is the easy way out, the risk-free approach, the effortless, lazy approach.
    Mystics, further, rationalize their beliefs as a form of spirituality… but in actuality the concept of controlling supernatural forces with physical tools/chants/rituals in the physical universe… actually undermines and negates the concept of spirituality. If fate and people can be influenced then free will means nothing. If the fate can be known and changed, then destiny means nothing. It only validates Newtonian causality. Mysticism is really just playing the right dominoes in a Newtonian universe… non spiritual but rationalized as such… where causality begins at practices that seem meaningless to a non-believer. True spirituality is non-dependent on the physical world, quite independent from it. The spiritual can only be influenced with the spirit, I believe, not through tangible objects.
    Anyone who arrogantly believe that fate or God is on their side, that luck and chance favors them… are diluted. Its just as mystical to believe that “I have led a moral life” guarantees “God will look out for me”. That arrogance and surety is why God wont. Anyone who is so consumed in faith that their hope negates any inkling they have to labor is only dooming themselves to failure.
    It isnt magic that is inherently evil, but the choice to use it. Its the mystical (arrogant) belief that they are somehow favored in life above others, the search for an unnatural power… that is wrong. Take control of your own life by being pro-active. Not by running and hiding into your attic with a couple candles and a Ouija board.
    A love spell might sound all innocent and good… but is it your choice if someone loves you? Or is it theirs? Do you really want to force someone to love you? Think about it… no good could come of it. Its manipulation.
    Magic is evil regardless of intention. Because the act, the choice, to manipulate and control, is truly selfish and power-crazed.

  5. It is self delusion, …and that is always bad.
    If you want to recieve love, you must risk offering love.
    There are no shortcuts.

  6. using magic isn’t bad. it really depends on how you use it. making someone fall in love with you is, try doing a spell to promote or attract love. and it wont risk your christian religion,
    think of it this way, say a long time ago ancient times, one would see Micheal the archangel, who i believe is the sword hand of god… that person would believe him to be ares god of war, or Gabriel for Apollo god music and poetry. kind of like same guy different name…

  7. Do you want to force someone to love you?
    That sounds a lot like rape, doesn’t it?
    There is nothing inherently wrong with magick. It’s a tool. It can be used for good or for evil.

  8. The big draw back to using a love spell is that the person is that the person loves you against their will. You will never know if they will ever love you on their own. If you don’t have a problem enslaving someone then do what you want. But if you think slavery is a crime then don’t do it. As far as it being a sin according to the bible it is. But then so is everything else. What you will have to deal with as far as it being bad is the karma it will create. Some wiccan’s say it will come back on you three fold what you do. I don’t believe this, but I still think is would be bad karma. However there are lots of things we do without even knowing it that set up bad karma. So again how much do you really want this guy? Is your desire worth his enslavement and any reprocutions to you?


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