Home Discussion Forum Is understanding levels of consciousness key to understanding our universe (space)?

Is understanding levels of consciousness key to understanding our universe (space)?

it just seems to me that if humans truly could comprehend consciousness and time and what it means, we would also understand what’s going on with our universe.
for some reason, it seems that the universe and our consciousness are linked.
does anyone agree?
i mean what is consciousness and why? what is the universe and why?
if you can define consciousness then why can’t you create it?
if we understood the true complexity of the universe, we would be elevated to a higher level of consciousness, and be faced with a new ‘reality’ in which we would then have even more complex problems.
for instance, if a bug flying around a light, suddenly realized that it was a bug, and that the light was put there by humans to see with, and etc etc…then the bug would be elevated to a higher level of conscousness.
but from the bug’s point of view, it just sees light. it doesnt understand the depth of the complexity going on around it…
maybe what we see with the universe is like the same thing
what we see in our reality as one thing, is actually a part of a more complex system in a higher level of consciousness.
so if we learn to create consciousness, we could possibly master this universe, because this level of complexity of the universe is this level of consciousness.


  1. hmm. I think that raising our levels of consciousness is synonomous with understanding our universe: like you said, if you understand more about the universe you raise your level of consiousness and in order to raise your level of consciouness you need to increase your awareness and comprehension of the world in which your existence is based.
    I think this strategy has been used by humans since day 1 to improve our mastery of over our environment. I don’t think we’ll ever have mastery over the universe entirely…. mastery is up to our definition, so we might keep developing new/higher standards for what mastery is. I could be wrong though.
    This question makes me wish I took a logic class in college.

  2. Don’t know what you mean by conciousness.
    If the bug suddenly understood the lightbulb, (and the infrastructure, cables, power station, generator, steam turbine etc). that would imply some sort of magic or miracle.
    Do you mean we could understand the universe if some magician stuck the knowledge in our brains.
    How boring would that be, surely the fun is in finding out, thats what our brains are for, to assume some sort of short cut is like running a marathon in a chauffer driven limosine, no achievement at all.

  3. Too much philosophy, not enough science. I prefer to concentrate on the mechanics of the universe rather than on someone’s consciousness.


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