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Is twin telepathy real?

I just wanted to know if you know any twins, I want to know how they act with each other. do they really finish each others sentences and feel how the other is feeling even when not together? Do they have the same likes and dislikes?


  1. well back at my old school there were these two twins and to be honest,they didn’t finish each other’s sentences,but they did know how they each felt when not together and they do have some of the same likes and dislikes but,most of them weren’t the same.they act friendly but mainly mean to each other./and i don’t think twin telepathy is actually real.but we never know.

  2. Yeah there is actually a TV show in Twin Telepathy I forgot what it was called though.
    Yes to all of them except the last one.
    That isn’t twin telepathy. Each twin, even though they look the same on the outside, are completely different on the inside.

  3. I know a set of twins, they know each other well enough to finish the others sentence at certain moments, it can be that way when you know the other well enough.
    but they do tend to always have a gut feeling about the other

  4. I have twin sisters (fraternal twins but twins nontheless) and once they did this really freaky thing when they both said the same thing three times in a row. Not the typical, “Me too! OMG! Stop that!” But an accual sentance. Twin telephathy? Phshaw. No.

  5. I have a twin sister and its SOOOOOOOOO weird the conncetion that twins have.
    when we were in 1st grade, i got a kidney infection and was hospitalized. this was our first time being away from each other and my sister got really sick because i wasnt around
    also, when we were in 3rd grade, ((ill never forget this)) we were at recess and i was about to jump from the monkey bars and my sister screamed “NO YOUR GOING TO BREAK YOUR LEFT ARM!!’ and of course what happened?? i broke my left arm.
    Now, we’re 21 years old and have seperate rooms, and when we are getting ready for school in the morning, we’ll both walk out of our rooms with the same outfit on not having talked to each other or seen each other all morning.
    A few months ago, we went on a trip out of town with our boyfriends and my sister had to take her boyfriend 200 miles to another city. my sister and i do EVERYTHING together but i couldnt go with her. I was feeling fine until about 30 miinutes after she left, i had the most excruciating pain in my stomach and it didnt go away until 30 minutes before she arrived back at the hotel. wierd huh?
    People think its so weird that we finish each others sentences but its so crazy, i feel like i can hear her thinking and she can hear me thinking.

  6. Yes, it does it exist. I am living proof of that. I am a twin (identical), and our connection couldn’t be anymore deeper.
    When were little, we use to play a game and try and guess what the other was thinking. There was never a time she or I got it wrong. It use to scare our parents, but of course there were a lot of things about me and my sister they couldn’t quite understand at first. We were both born gifted.
    Even till this day, I still have a sense of her, and she lives in a whole complete different country than I. My children have yet to show this gift. If I had twins, that might have been different. Twins share a different connection than other siblings could ever have because they are created and brought into this world at the same time. There is a certain energy that is shared between two people who’s creation happened at once. This may not be true for all twins, but it’s true for us.


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