Home Discussion Forum Is trying to see auras witchcraft in Gods eyes?

Is trying to see auras witchcraft in Gods eyes?


  1. No. As a matter of fact there are many instances in which people like Moses, Samuel, Jesus and his apostles read auras and also let people see their own auras. Stphen in the book of Acts as he was condemned people saw his aura and saw the goodness in him as well, which brought a lot of converts into the faith. Listen to what Jesus said about reading people. It is not what color aura you have, but what do your eyes reflect that tell people what type of person you are. The secret to reading people is to look them in the eye.

  2. I don’t believe so, then again I am an agnostic. Actually I am learning to see auras as well and something interesting you will notice as you do more research is that many people use to be able to see auras. And, pictures of highly conscious religious figures have a golden aura around their head such a drawings of Jesus and Buddha.
    -Good luck and try to not worry so much about God’s wrath. The way I see it is if he is real why would he punish his own kids! haha

  3. i am a christian i have always believed in god and that he lives inside of us. he is energy everywhere, i also belive that when you are connected with him you can see his energ,y the energy that is around everything and everyone. we know its there, science knows its there, it is the magnetic force that keeps the world in orbit of the sun and us gravitated to the ground. that is what an auras is it is not witch craft it is simply energy god the spirit your spirit it is not evil… one day it will be released from its vessil and become apart of god.

  4. I had the same question myself. I love Jesus and I am a Christian. I dont want to do anything that is against him, so I was trying to figure out if reading auras was something that I should be doing. Well, I found this website and it really explained everything, so if you want to read what I read about it then go to the link. Figured I would share what I learned on the subject. I know I was wanted to find out myself. https://www.heavenlymanna.net/christianArticle.php?article_id=417#.W4bW_N8o4wg


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