Is tingling sensation and feeling of floating supposed to occur at the start of an astral projection?

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This happened when I was attempting to astral project. The only thing I am confused about is why I did not go all the way into a projection after my legs and arms were tingling and I felt like I was no longer on the bed (but in the air). It lasted maybe 30 seconds and then I opened my eyes. Perhaps I did something wrong? I want to go all the way, but it seems something isn’t allowing me to.

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I feel this way when I receive gas at the dentist

Pedestal 42

With me that’s a “migraine coming” warning, but it definitely has elements of an out-of-body *sensation* in my case.
But since I also see lights that aren’t there, and smell things that aren’t there, I know better than to assume the sensation and the reality have to coincide.


There is different stages of an OBE
I have astral traveled and had projections, and have been in other stages.
Sounds like you were part way out
It usually happens when I sleep
I never get any tingling…I think tingling happens when you try to hard….you have to slow down your heart rate that the spirit floats out, your heart rate is what holds your soul in.


You are concentrating TOO hard on the body, of course. When you travel the astral pathways, the only link to your body will be of the mind. so as long as you are thinking about how you FEEL you will not be able to rise above yourself so to speak. s-t-r-e-t-c-h the mind instead, out towards the stars, galaxies will collide in front of you (or you could say you will see a bright white light, but that’s so cliche) and when you get there, hold on to your freedom so that when you return to the body everything you learn will be part of you. Heavenly travels, my enigmatic friend!


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