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Is time travel to the past possible? Is time travel into the future only a few milliseconds/seconds?

With the second question about time travel into the future, I am asking: is time traveling into the future only a few seconds or less, rather than by decades and centuries as emphasized in science fiction?


  1. Time travel into the future is definitely possible if you include traveling at a very high speed so that time slows down relative to you. You might leave on a very fast rocket and return to the earth in what is to you a few years to find that a few centuries had passed on earth, so, in that sense you would have traveled into the future. This requires, though, traveling close to the speed of light, which isn’t possible for a person with today’s technology. We all slow down time infinitesimally every time we move, but time is slowed down for us so little that we cannot notice it.
    A few theoreticians have claimed to come up with the math to explain how time travel into the past is possible, but no theory of how that would be possible is presently accepted.

  2. Actually Einstein’s Special Relativity theory DOES allow for time travel of a sort (SEE “TIME DILATION”) – hence – the “Twins Paradox”. People assume that Einstein disproved time travel – the same people also generally make assumptions like – for example – that the bible says “God helps those who helps themselves” – when in truth – it was Benjamin Franklin who said that, and that that exact phrase is nowhere to be found in the bible. The world is full of misinformed know it alls.
    Time travel has been observed in particle bubble chamber experiments concerning qauntum particles called “charms” colliding with each other and then transpositioning into new positions where they simply “should not” exist, and also with “ghost particles” that disappear – and then reappear without ever having apparantly traveled between the two respective locations.
    This article excerpt shows that time travel HAS been proven experimentally to a certain extent:
    Hafele and Keating Experiment
    “During October, 1971, four cesium atomic beam clocks were flown on regularly scheduled commercial jet flights around the world twice, once eastward and once westward, to test Einstein’s theory of relativity with macroscopic clocks. From the actual flight paths of each trip, the theory predicted that the flying clocks, compared with reference clocks at the U.S. Naval Observatory, should have lost 40+/-23 nanoseconds during the eastward trip and should have gained 275+/-21 nanoseconds during the westward trip … Relative to the atomic time scale of the U.S. Naval Observatory, the flying clocks lost 59+/-10 nanoseconds during the eastward trip and gained 273+/-7 nanosecond during the westward trip, where the errors are the corresponding standard deviations. These results provide an unambiguous empirical resolution of the famous clock “paradox” with macroscopic clocks.”
    J.C. Hafele and R. E. Keating, Science 177, 166 (1972)
    Of course we really don’t know if time travel as we imagine it to be is practically doable – but it definitely IS mathematically sound…

  3. Time travel is not possible. At least in the sense of moving back and forth through it at will,
    my proof: If time travel ever becomes possible at any time in the future, people would travel back in time. We would have evidence of those travelers appearing in our time (Items disappearing due to being collected, items appearing due to negligence, etc) No evidence exists of it, so it hasn’t happened. Since it hasn’t happened, in this case, it can’t..
    Or else, we are missing something fundamental in our understanding of the universe, and it is possible.
    There is a whole aspect of removing energy and matter from one place/time and adding it to another place/time that could cause issues with physics as well, I believe. This would effect the sum total of the energy/mass of the universe, and to allow that to happen would start unraveling things we hold to be true.
    an example of this. Suppose in the future, a great cataclysm is bearing down on Earth. The solution used is to move the entire population of the planet back in time to a safe era. How would that effect the Universe at that earlier time? And if this was repeated again later, to avoid yet another cataclysm?


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