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Is time objective or subjective relative to our consciousness?

If there was some other type of conscious being, is it possible it could see things moving slower or faster than my perception?
Is time concrete in conscious measurement? Could some type of experience or drug slow or hasten the flow of time for my perspective? (IE, Increasing the energy in my brain, affecting the conscious and memory capacity to record and observe.)
Someone once told me, things have to move the same speed for all conscious beings. Because it’s the laws of physics.


  1. Ever notice how “time flies when you’re having fun?”
    Well, that is what it is like on drugs. It is not time that is changing, it is your perception of that time.

  2. I don’t know much about physics. I don’t think time cares if you are conscious or not.
    Dreams can definitely make time seem to go by faster.
    On drugs I have noticed when time seems to slow down.

  3. Time is indeed something to be thought about. I went to this meeting of which I will not speak but their idea is to open your mind. They start with idea of looking at the trunk of a tree through a small hole in a piece of cardboard. Try it. You can’t tell how far the tree is from you. You have lost your sense of distance. With that idea in mind, let me talk about time. Ever lay down for a small nap and you have a dream that takes a week. . .it doesn’t skip around, you live every moment and then then you wake up 15 minutes later. Has time changed? Or just your concept of it? What really opened my mind was that years and years ago I was in a car accident. I had just switched from a stick shift to a automatic (does date me, doesn’t it?) I rammed in the clutch and slammed on the brake. . .whoops! wrong car. . .I rammed on the brake and rammed on the gas pedal and it went into passing gear and the car sped across this lawn until I hit that big ditch. But in all of this as I was trying to move, time had seemed to change. I could think like crazy but only move very slowly. I tried to explain it to a friend who just nodded her head. Decades later she called me up and told me she finally understood what I was talking about because it happened to her. It had happened to me yet again in a driving test where I was to perform in front of management. My brain was racing and my movements were incredibly slow and then I popped back to normal and had beat everyone’s speed record. If it happened to me, it has to have happened to lots of people. . .especially under great duress. All I can say for sure is that time isn’t what we’ve made it up to be. It certainly opens up great possibilities far beyond my knowledge.

  4. Things don’t move at the same speed for all conscious beings. Newton said that, but it’s been shown false. Ever heard of Einstein’s theories? I don’t understand it myself, but apparently time is relative.

  5. Time is objective.
    How we measure & perceive it is subjective.
    It is virtually a given that all other being will perceive the passage of time at different rates.
    No two clocks run at precisely the same rate.
    Of course a drug can change your perception of time.
    An attitude can change this.
    Blood sugar can change this.
    The laws of Physics, adjusted for relativity will have a given object moving the same speed for all conscious observers BUT the ‘sample rate’ at which the object is observed will vary based on the consciousness.
    Hence while Time is objective, the perception of Time is subjective.

  6. I think that our perception of time is definitely subjective. I sometimes wonder if I could slow time by learning to think faster… and then I wonder if people who think at different speeds than I do perceive the outside world as moving at a different speed.

  7. There are different theories out there relating to this question. A better question; why is it a concern? Answer that and get to origins, shall I say.

  8. Anything is subjective relative to our consciousness.
    We can & have developed objective standards for the measurement of time,
    which work quite well until relativistic phenomena come into play.
    Then things can get interesting.

  9. time is effectively a constant on earth, it is an abstract concept and a human constuct time as we see it has no independentr reality it is only within our conciousness – time is not universal – our appreciation of it would change if we were in different parts of the universe based on objective factors. our appreciation of it can also change subjectively for various reasons like severe personal danger, psychoactive drugs and in other extreme situations.

  10. Time only exists within our Ego (our desire to receive pleasure). We can experiment with this ourselves. Have you ever waited in a very long line for something you wanted very greatly? How is time perceived in that situation, versus your perception of time on a roller coaster, or any situation when you’re receiving fulfilment? Our Ego stretches out “time” like a rubber band. If we reached a state of consciousness outside of our Ego, we would see that time is an illusion experienced within our state of consciousness. Check these links out:


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