Home Discussion Forum is thought a necessary part of a consciousness?

is thought a necessary part of a consciousness?

i have come to the conclusion that it’s not, someone please convince me otherwise.
how do we know that we create our thoughts? how do we know that we don’t just experience them?


  1. Everything we do requires thought just getting up our of bed is a conscious thought if can’t have experiences without thoughts we’re constantly thinking

  2. Consciousness
    1.the state of being conscious; awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.
    2.the thoughts and feelings, collectively, of an individual or of an aggregate of people: the moral consciousness of a nation.
    3.full activity of the mind and senses, as in waking life: to regain consciousness after fainting.
    4.awareness of something for what it is; internal knowledge: consciousness of wrongdoing.
    5.concern, interest, or acute awareness: class consciousness.
    6.the mental activity of which a person is aware as contrasted with unconscious mental processes.
    7.Philosophy. the mind or the mental faculties as characterized by thought, feelings, and volition
    yes it is

  3. The mind is a mass of thoughts, dust particles which have to be swept away. What is left when they are swept away is eternally spotless consciousness. In that no-mind state free from thoughts, we see the eternal truth which had been hidden behind a smoke-screen of thoughts.
    If there is no smoke of thoughts, the smokeless flame of consciousness alone remains.

  4. Thought is necessary because, if you can’t think of your own consciousness then what is the point of being conscious at all. People are constantly thinking of their own existence by what they are doing at each second. The ability to just think has led for us to walk, post on yahoo answers, heck even breath! Both must be in unison and able to function because without them humans, or other animals would no longer have a purpose to exist; all we would do is just lie there and do nothing. Consciousness is the simple state of being awake. Thought allows for actions to come as a result for being awake.

  5. power of suggestion, subliminal, yer mind may not be yer own and other statements.
    No-mind is a mode of non thinking but reaction to something in second nature, sometimes acquired through osmosis.
    to be conscious, does not necessarily mean to think, that takes training and education, I suspect some psychology.

  6. First thing to come to mind is thought is the access to the unconscious mind what you are conscious of requires little thought what you are unconscious of is that search for truth and is what we are thinking of, the unknown.

  7. Your thoughts are options in front of you. Its upto you to control yourself from executing Bad thoughts. But in the long Run, your thoughts are the reflection of your innerself.

  8. What is consciousness?
    It is an awareness.
    Of what?
    Of existence.
    So the simplest form of that awareness is?
    The first person’s awareness of his/her own existence.
    Anything less is incomplete.
    Nothing more is required.
    One existence, one awareness within one conscious thought:
    “I am”
    It is more simple than:
    “Je pense donc je suis,” – René Descartes

  9. Dear Ixy,
    It is a major question on the path of self realization.A mind without thoughts is in full consciousness.It is the dream and ultimate goal of any philosophy.It not a strange phenomena.We experience it every day but for a short period.When we keep ourselves with the inner self alone we get back some energy.It is some thing like sleeping in which our body is energized.Excitement and anger get vanished in this state of mind.A state of mind where there is nothing in it.Absolutely no thought is necessary here.But we need a small thought to watch that there is nothing in our mind.It is very hard to prolong this ideal condition of pure mind.
    We do our duties. For that we need our mind and thought.You treat your mind as a slate.you write something on it and then you wipe out the same.Our problem is that we fill the present with past and future.We leave only a small space or some times no space for present.Full consciousness makes one as light as wind.If we practice to be in our self alone we will come to know how do we create our thoughts.Illusions have no place here.It is the absolute peace and happiness.You can go for a walk or listen to a music.The thoughts appear faintly but they would fall like beach sand sticking to your bare foot.

  10. I will take consciousness to mean “mental stuff” or “mind.” Can we have mental stuff, or a mind without thoughts? Descartes would define “thought” as “mental stuff.” Feelings, sensory perception, and so forth would all be thoughts. Therefore, we need to know if we can have mental stuff or minds without any kind of perception or feeling. It would be a completely empty mind, basically. That sounds logically possible.
    Another issue is the subconscious. Is the subconscious a secret mind, or a place with secret thoughts? Of course we can have consciousness if our subconscious can have secret thought-like things happening that we aren’t fully aware of. So, by definition, I would include the subconscious in the “thought” category.

  11. you can have consciousness without thoughts
    and you can have thoughts without consciousness.
    stopping thoughts is a way to approach becoming conscious. This state we are in now? Our ordinary “consciousness”? isn’t consciousness at all. It’s really a WAKING sleep. Penetrating the third state of consciousness requires effort, knowlege, help and understanding.


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