Home Discussion Forum Is this young woman marrying a real Shaman?

Is this young woman marrying a real Shaman?

Shamanism, how do you recognize a fake ?
My friends daughter is going to marry a man who claims to be a Shaman. I did some research on the subject and I do not find it to be a bad thing, if it is real. Most of the shamans I read about are basically like medecine men. Healers and helpers. Kind and tolerant. Mild mannered, not offensive to others. Is this a wrong conception on my part? Sure would like to know.
This man, I guess, is very rude to others. His persona is that of one that does not allow anyone to know what he is thinking. And they said he stands with his arms folded over chest alot. In body language this would have a significant meaning but I dont remember what it is. This wedding is going to take place soon. I read some of the info on here and it kinda scares me, when they brought up the use of drugs to do this “shaman” thing. Hallucinatory drugs. I took LSD when young and this just doesnt sound good. I would sure love to hear from anyone who knows ANY thing about this subj


  1. My congratulations to the happy couple.
    Like in any other religion, Shamanism has it’s bad apples. The ones who make the entire religion look bad. Perhaps once you meet the gentleman in question, you will find him to be caring, wise and compassionate, which is how I would characterize the Shaman I know. In the case that he isn’t any of those things, you’re not marrying him. Fortunately, marriage has an escape clause, in the case that your daughter’s friend finds she has made a mistake.
    As for the drugs, just remember that in the US there are laws against their use. But before that, they were widely used as spiritual tools to attain enlightened states. (Peyote still is, by Native Americans.) When they are used wisely, there is much that can be gained from them. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to make sure they are used wisely. So they are banned. If he is a user, he will eventually be caught and punished, but it’s not really a concern of yours.

  2. regardless of self imposed titles, intentions and actions always speak for themself. It is wise for a shaman to guard their thoughts, especially when others might misinterpret what they are thinking. I’ve found many native healers to be curt at best, they seem to get tired of mundane ignorance. In any case, this young woman should be self confident if she is to marry a shaman, so she dosen’t lose herself to his intentions.

  3. shamanism is how you describe it; only some use hallucinogens, and the one’s they use would be natural (peyote, mushrooms).
    Arms folded over his chest would usually be a defensive posture (not physically, of course). It keeps people at a distance.

  4. IF he has blue eyes and dirty blonde hair or dyed black then HE”S a FAKE !!! tell him we said so… A real native american shaman doesnt treat his future relatives this way… no such thing as tiring of!or mundane feelings or whut ever… white guys and women are NOT QUALIFIED to be shamen or women…theres no such thing! theyre witches and worlocks at best!..OR just PLAIN ole WANNABES..


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