• Advise from an older empath:
    Here is how that “story” became an urban Legend. Dr. Helmut Schmidt, a physicist. discovered by accident that preteens often have strong psychokinetic experiences. This led him to do further research that landed him eventually at Mind Science Foundation working with William Braud, and others.

    Research eventually demonstrated that one can have talents & skills in ESP all through out life. Sometimes they develop in people later in life. You do not lose your Talent to age, but to listening to too many “naysayers”.

    Yes some people can fool themselves into believing that they have an esp skill. however, if you feel you do and want to investigate this area then read books from valid research.
    Check out:
    Targ & Puthoff “Mind-Reach” an excellent account of valid research
    Ingo Swann “Everybody’s Guide to Natual ESP”

  • not all people you can read you cant read the ones that are closed, and as you get older your gift can get stronger or weaker its up to you to make it stick I personally think it is a burden most of the time so I mask it by drinking lots of coffee that does do the trick to numb it but it comes back when you r not looking . I am clairvoyant or was it can be very painfull to know things that you should not know

  • Many people become more sensitive to their feelings and emotions during adolescence. This can provide a spring board toward increasing your sensitivity of the subtle energies that are the basis of most psi phenomenon.

    If you work on developing these sensitivities during adolescence, you can continue to perceive these energies later in life. There is no time limit or set opportunity to develop these abilities, but there are times when our minds and bodies are more malleable and able to adapt to new types of stimuli. Adolescence is one of those times.

    If you already have some sensitivities and you want to maintain the ability to sense these energies after adolescence, you need to enhance your skills now and learn how it works. After adolescence, when your sensitivity will typically wane, you can rely on what you learned to help you to renew your perceptive abilities.

    I would recommend that you work on meditative techniques and increasing your memory capacities. These things have proven to be very valuable in preserving and increasing psi sensitivities in people. If you focus on that during this time of your life, you will provide a good foundation for further exploration later in life. Good luck!

  • Wushi Boy–

    I am taking a communications class too and have learned about confirmation bias as well. I am an Empath as well, but can’t tell about people’s past. I knew this before I had to take a strengths test online at Strengths Quest.com for my other Communications class. With that being said, whoop-dee-doo. Just because you don’t believe, don’t criticize others.

    I also know some things will happen before they actually do. Precognition, maybe, but just a little.

    I think that adolescence is a time for finding out more about yourself spiritually. Your psychic powers should continue and grow.

  • no

    i’m post adolescence and it seems to have gotten stronger

    everyones different though
    just keep that part of you in check and you shouldn’t have problems by losing the ability

  • well, as you get older it gets harder and harder to trick yourself into believing you have psychic powers.
    Real psychic powers don’t exist, which means you are really just fooling yourself into believing you have psychic powers. If you really put your powers to the test they will fail.
    The tool we use to trick ourselves into believing such things is called “Confirmation Bias”. We use correct guesses to confirm our belief and discard wrong guesses. No matter how much the misses outweigh the hits we only look at the hits. In this way, we can compile oodles of evidence of our psychic powers.
    For example, if I pick cards out of a deck randomly, and guess 50 of them correct, I could convince myself that I am psychic. However, I just ignored the fact that I drew cards 2500 times, which makes me look much less psychic. Its harder to measure with something like Empathy, which is a natural human ability to sense what others feel through clues like facial expressions, demeanor and context.
    So you have to wonder, at what point does Empathy cross the line into psychic abilities?

  • No, I don’t think it’s true that you will loose your empathy once you get older and out of adolescence. But the empathy might simmer down because you will be focused on other things.

  • No, people just say that because once you become an adult you don’t believe in any of that stuff. Seeing as you have it though, you won’t lose it 🙂

    Can you tell me my past life? My friend won’t tell me because she’s an omniyoji :(. I really want to know, if you could email me that’d be great. All I know is that my past life is from Asia, was really famous, and isn’t an entertainer. Thanks!

  • Some people may say this but i think it has been sensationalised in a way by the fiction media. There are many psychic who are past adolescence. I believe that if people can be psychic in a spiritual sense, all people could have abilities to some degree. People are part of nature, and “psychic powers” could be something to do with general natural law that everything is part of. As part of this, people should not loose the power as they age.

    However, taking a scientific approach, psychic visions could be to do with how peoples sub conscious thoughts manifest themselves in the conscious mind. Some people may get a “feeling” about a situation because their sub conscious has picked up on warning signs, and others may get it in the for of a vision.

  • No, you don’t have them now and you won’t then.
    Maybe people stop pretending so much after adolescence. For sure, we’re (most of us) harder to fool. People grow up and are on to real things. It’s sad in a way but part of growing up.

  • You don’t have psychic powers now or ever.
    If you could really tell all about a person’s past by meeting them it would be quite easy to prove and you could be one of the famous people on the planet.
    All you’d have to do is get a skeptic organization to test you and claim their cash prize for demonstrating a paranormal ability.

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