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Is this too low of a place to wear a protective crystal pendant?

I’m getting an Aqua Aura crystal in a few days and the silver chain I currently have is of a length that the pendant will hang around the heart chakra area (about four fingers below that hollow in the colar bone or 8 fingers above the zyphoid process) When I had a pendant a while back, I remember it being much higher. Is the heart chakra a good place to have one’s penant or should it be higher?
thanks for all the serious answers. especially considering this is the alternative medicine section where many modes of healing tools are discussed including energy healing.


  1. It makes no difference since there is no such thing as chakras. And crystals do not have magic powers either. I hope you are not planning on using this exclusively for a health condition that needs proper medical attention.

  2. Do make sure you see a doctor if you are at all ill.
    If you are feeling well however, consider placing the crystal nearer to your elbow chakras as promoted by proponents of Quantum Elbowology.


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