Is this the ultimate pokemon diamond team or what?

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Arceus lv 100
attacks: jugment
Hyper beam
shadow ball
Groundon lv100
attacks: fissure
Fire blast
Kyogre lv100
attacks: double-edge
water spout
hydro pump
sheer cold
Salamence lv100
attacks: double-edge
giga impact
fire blast
Regigigas lv100
attacks: confuse ray
crush grip
giga impact
Lugia lv100
attacks: hydro pump
sky attack
dragon pulse
If you have a better team just tell me because this team has bean unbeatable so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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no, its the most pathetic teams i ever saw.
get real pokemon, not some poor legendaries.

cesar r

its cool but I dont like legendarys in someones team


your team is good but my team is full of hacked pokemon which is better

Evan J

hahahaha. you have to use legendaries to win. loser

arceus man

ok go to you tube click on videos and type in pokesav tutorials and click on the first one pause it and then click on more on the right and then you should see a weblink called pokesav or somthing like that clickon it if you have a action replay if not then all i got to say is that is the best team i ever saw if you just used migration and battles nice job

Chris P

It’s the most pathetic team I ever saw!
My Lucario could obliterate your Arceus with Aura Sphere.Blastoise could wipe out your Groudon with Aqua Tail.Luxray would ZAP your Kyogre with Thunder.Dragonite will overwhelm Salamence with Dragon Rush,or Lucario could do it with Dragon Pulse.Staraptor would Pulverize Regigigas with Close Combat.And Luxray would leave Lugia Flinching for dear life with Crunch.
Dude get some real pokemon,not legendarys.Your team is suckish my friend.


It’s good but it’s not unbeatable someone out their may able to beat you. I don’t have Pokemon Diamond & Pearl but i am getting them soon.


theve only been unbeatably cos there all lvl 100 and there a range of diff pokemon


~B.A.`~ shut up it may not be the nuber one team but is AWSOME!! But i sorta agree dont only use level 100 (my opinion) cuz whe i did it was friken booring to me. P.S. ~B.A. sorr but its not pathetic but anyways sorry ~B.A. it just made me ticked off.


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