Home Discussion Forum Is this the "parapsychology"Category? Or is it the Sciece/Math Category?

Is this the "parapsychology"Category? Or is it the Sciece/Math Category?

This is attached to Science/Math/Alternative/Parapsychology Category. Am I wasting my points here? I want answers from people who are familiar with parapsychology. Am I in the wrong place for that? Does this happen in every site..or just this one and R&S?
Someone said I”m in the wrong Category..that’s why I asked this.


  1. It’s both. Parapsychology sits inside the Sci/Math category.
    If you are looking for answers to parapsychology questions, you’ve come to the right place. But since it is in the Science/Math category, the answers you get may not be supportive of non-scientific, mystical thinking.

  2. Well, parapsychology is considered to be a field of scientific study…That’s why some colleges have parapsychology departments. That’s why it’s linked to science and mathematics!

  3. I don’t want to be mean,and your welcome to ask questions anywhere you want.That said I think most of them belong in R&S or M&F.Another hint don’t ask so many at one time.It buries everyone elses.By the way parapsychology is maybe marginally a science.Very few Colleges or Universities.recognize it.

  4. If you did not want to waste your points why didn’t you attach a question in parapsychology to this question? You are in the right place. :0)

  5. I’m quite familiar with parapsychology, as are some others here. I’m an amateur ghost hunter. I also hunt spirits and entities of all kinds, including the gnome and faerie varieties of spirit creatures. I have first-hand experience with faerie and leprechaun manifestations as well as your standard repeating apparitions and shadow people. I’m sure we can help answer your questions!

  6. parapsychology is science so yes your in both and just an offshoot of math and science. I find it interesting that there are those that are so smug in their belief that the study of para anything is not scientific. Over and over again people are rediculed by establishment science at the idea of something new, yet isnt science about finding something new? For decades the idea that an astroid sent the dinosaurs to their demise was laughed at and scorned and yet now, its accepted as fact. For years Einstien was a crackpot, now he is the father of atomic energy and foundation of physics as we know it. I can go on and on, but that would do no good. In fifty years, will paranormal research be a seroius study? Ask someone 75 years ago if we would go to the moon!

  7. You are in the parapsychology category. Parapsychology is a science that studies paranormal phenomena (mainly ESP). It is a much-maligned field because after decades of research it has yet to yield any data indicating paranormal phenomena exist.
    Ghost hunting and other elements of the paranormal really belong in another category. What may be misleading you is the decision for Yahoo to place what is really a spiritual and mythological subject under the science banner.
    Whether or not you are wasting your points is a subjective question that I would rather not answer.

  8. The main section is Science & Mathemetics. This is divided into Subsections. The Alternative subsection is divided into Paranormal Phenomena, Parapsychology and Other – Alternative.
    Science & Mathematics
    -Astronomy & Space
    -Earth Sciences & Geology
    -Other – Science
    -Paranormal Phenomena
    -Other – Alternative
    You are in the right section! You are navagating correctly!


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