Is this the definition of an atheist?

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Someone who is inclined to outward thinking that is manifested through all visual and sensory means. These people have a keen mind for science, the arts and all forms of human edification. Also atheists are people who refuse to believe that their life is a culmination of spiritual manifestations due to some over stimulation of the ego at some point in their lives.
Is that close?

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Brett A

(A = Without)
(Theism = Belief in Gods)
Atheism = No belief in Gods <<<<<<<<<< Strong atheism = Belief there are no Gods Strong atheism+ = Belief there is *no* supernatural at all (me) You're Extending It - All You Really Need Is A DICTIONARY.

Atheist Eye Candy (6)

Get back into your cave.

slave of 12 gods


American Atheist

It’s complimentary, however, an atheist is actually defined as one who does not believe in god(s).

Wouldn't you love to know?

No. Zen Buddhists are very spiritual.
A- No/Not/Non
Theo- God/Gods
Ist- Person.


I just like to keep it short and sweet. Atheist= No belief in any supernatural diety.

Stormilutionist Chasealogist

I don’t believe in any god(s)…that is my definition of an atheist….but your definition could describe any number of people….myself included….


Can I be really picky and distinguish between a description and a definition? This functions rather well as a description, but a definition is more precise, including what should be included and excluding what should not be included. Your description would also fit quite a few people who are not really atheists, but who follow a somewhat unconventional spiritual path.


an atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in god. simple as that.


No. An atheist is someone who doesn’t believe in deities. That’s all.
Atheists can be uninterested in science, they can also be very spiritual. There are also atheistic religions, like Buddhism and Taoism.
Pagan Taoist Atheist.


atheists do not believe in the existence of a god


Atheist is without belief in god. How individuals come to this non-belief is dependent on the individual.


Yes, all except the last half of that last sentence.


Not at all.
When you get to the “due to” part you are clearly overstepping the bounds of genuiniely curious, and into insult.


No, that’s an interpretation. The definition is “one who believes that there is no deity.” (Merriam-Webster) While I certainly like your description, I know of several fellow atheists who just don’t fall into your categorization.


no .
the bible and books like it were created by people that wanted to control the masses.
come on the bible is full of claims and storys only a childs mind could believe .
todays 12 year old would have more brains than the people who wrote the bible.
isnt it a fact that your mind is weak and you are easily led.
i could imagine you in jones town sucking down poison coz some other moron told you we are going to see god.
atheist is someone who has the intelligence to question the so called good book not just suck it in like a sponge.


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