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Is this telepathy???

supposing im typing a mail to xyz… & thinking of pqr .. and that v instant pqr calls me … is that telepathy??
why or why not
wow!!! i thought it was not telepathy .., but wanted to see what will ppl say ??
u make fun in the graceful style ..some of ya… but thanks!!!
Appreciate your time ..Thanks!


  1. No. For this to be so you would have to track ALL of the times you think of someone, and how often they call you at that instant.
    If it is just once, it’s coincidence.

  2. This is Telepathy: I know you were thinking about me when you asked this q. and I also know that you knew that I was going to answer this q.
    I just can’t wait to see more answers….LOL

  3. I have a friend that I email occasionally in Australia.
    Often when I think of her I get an email shortly after.
    It is very interesting when this happens.
    Love and blessings Don

  4. No. You’re not counting the number of times you were thinking of pqr and not receiving a call. Or how often pqr calls (which would raise the odds of the coincedence). Or who else you were also thinking about that didn’t call. Or if it was the time a day pqr usually calls anyway. Etc. Etc.
    But let’s make it easy.
    Think of “pqr” right now . . . is the phone ringing?

  5. Maybe. But unless pqr said that they thought that they should call you then it may just be coincidence. But thats pretty cool!!


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