Is this telepathy or something?

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Anyone here besides me who had an experience when you had a ‘silent conversation’ with your friend like, I remember last year at school I was hanging out with one of my friends in the hallway and i felt like playing a game and we just looked at each other and just started racing down the hallway at the exact same time without saying anything. Anybody know if that’s telepathic or whatever it’s called

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Yeah I think that’s called force of habit.


I’m not sure that is telepathy however it does mean you and your friend were on the same wavelength. Enjoy!


That’s like you know your friend really well.
Telepathy is if you could actually hear, “Hey, wanna race down the hall?” and reply through your own thoughts.


It probably means that the two of you had such a close friendship that you could communicate a silent message through body language. Maybe one of you were bent over slightly as if preparing to take a sudden sprint?


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