Home Discussion Forum Is this telepathy or am I crazy ?

Is this telepathy or am I crazy ?

I can talk with people when I’am about to goto sleep. Sometimes its the person’s subconcious that responds while there sleeping ( which makes them sound drunk).


  1. Everyone has these types of experiences, but, unfortunatley, people will call you crazy when you try and talk about them. In general, its best to keep any talk about ‘voices’ to yourself.

  2. Agreeing with another Yahoo Answers dude. Don’t talk about this with others. I do not believe you’re crazy though. I think you are able to use a part of your brain many others can’t or don’t know how to use. I can call out songs, weird events, numbers and things like that before they happen, but only RIGHT before they happen. I can do it over and over again, but I can’t control it. Damn that million dollars keeps dodging me! Just keep it on the DL, because people fear what they don’t understand. I think it’s part of God’s miracle of human physiology. I think we are wonderous creatures. Just don’t use God’s gifts for dark things. Don’t abuse this skill.


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