Home Discussion Forum is this telepathy i like him so much?

is this telepathy i like him so much?

there is a boy in my class i like him so much but we don’t talk, even he likes me sometimes i think that in my heart, that he is speaking to me and i am speaking to him too. is this telepathy?


  1. no telepathy is when you will them to call or think about you……..but on second thought, that doesnt work either. are you on drugs?? haha

  2. To try it , is to tell him in your mind (telepathy) to meet you at the canteen near the trash bin.
    If he shows up, then its real that you both have a gift.
    If he didn’t, you alone have it. I
    If only you have it, tell it to your mom and she knows what to do.

  3. this is “love”. u know u said that u like him and he too. whenever u think abt him u feel that he is with u/in our hart nd u start speking with him.
    this is attraction of opposite sex. if u’ll think everytime abt him u’ll feel more like dis.
    u can do 1 thing ask him wat u said him in ur hart? if he c’ld told u that talks which did in ur hart then it is telephty. but in my opinion this is not like this. be sure that he is also like u, many time single sided love can hurts u.


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