is this strength power caused by my chakra or is it my normal strength?

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i kidda have this strength problems. i cant control any of my strength. like this one time me and my guy friends were like wrestling and i brought down 2 of them and i had 1 more to go. so when he ran at me i grabed his hand then i just threw him into a tree.(this is not a joke it freaked me out) i didnt even mean to use that much strength. i dont even kno where it came from. and i think its because my chakra but then i dont think its because of that cuz wouldnt i beable to feel it comeing or something? but then could it be my normal strenght? which is it?

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i dont bellieve in that chakra stuff you probaly just dont no ur own strength that happens to me sometimes when im messed with my brother a i ed p hurting him )=

Irv S

When “he ran at me i grabed his hand then i just threw him into a tree”
that’s not strength, it’s proper use of balance.
It takes very litle strength if you get it right.
Until you know what you’re doing, and even after, confine your
practice to the mats.
You could have injured your friend.


It’s an unintentional application of Newton’s First Law. Your friend was coming at you and you simply used his force against him. For good measure there is some use of leverage in there too.
Picture yourself in a car, the car makes a quick right hand turn and you’re “thrown” to the left; if you weren’t wearing a seat belt and the door was open you’d be flying. The car wouldn’t have had to exert any more force on you, it just let your existing force carry you out the door in the direction you were already heading (before the turn).
This concept is what martial artists have used to toss charging attackers across a room. It doesn’t have anything to do with superhuman strength or “chakra.” For me that makes it more interesting though!


its what we call chi, or and Internal strength that takes many years to understand and to Develop, whoever its a Natural Adrenalin rush, that every one has, it comes from the putury gland, have you ever gotten scared, then had a satiation run through your body?, well that’s what happen, look into the chinese kung fu for chi , ki, as some people call it, good work keep it up and study breathing exercises, jog, or run nig will increase this Internal ENERGY


naruto is not real.

Bujinkan Ninja

I think you’re watching too much Naruto. You simply redirected his momentum. It’s the main focus of Aikido.


As most have stated it’s more due to proper body mechanics and leverage. Chakra by the way is a yoga term which refers to points in your body where energy can be stored, it is not a form of mystical power or strength like the Chakra in the Naruto Anime series, which is fictional and is the creator’s borrowing of the yoga term. Just like George Lucas borrows the term “Force” to refer to his Jedi’s fictional source of special ability.

lynn D

I think people really are confused about Chakras. They are whirling energy centers in the body that keep our Chi flowing properly which in turn keeps us mentally and physically healthy.
There can be many reasons for your unusual strength but Chakras do not play a part in that in my opinion.


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