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Is this spell white or black magick?

If I create a spell for my brother to get a scholarship to continue going to the college hee loves.
I’m afraid it might be black because it’s on him, therefore interfering with his free will?
But it’s good because I’m helping him, right?


  1. If you have your brother’s permission to do a spell to help him win the scholarship then it’s not bad. HE has to do the hard work to make it happen, though! Spells only work if the person is willing to allow it to help them. My suggestion is to word it along the lines of: “The scholarship people will see my brother has worked hard and deserves to stay at _____ College. So mote it be.”
    Good luck!

  2. actually, a large part of your premise is wrong. consider this, you worry about his free will, but he cant will the scholarship to go to him, so it has nothing to do with his will unless you take away his free will to take or reject the scholarship. and this is some of that magic that cant really be classified because of just how loose the definitions of white and black magic are, so i think given the good intentions you have for the spell its safe to say youre covered either way

  3. First of all there is no such thing as white or black magick. There is magick w/ intent to do good and w/ the intent to do harm. In this case if the spell worked you could be doing harm. Not to your brother but to another who perhaps needs or deserves the scholarship more than he does. If your brother is truly worthy or in need of the scholarship he should work hard to get it. Further more messing w/ free will never turns out well.

  4. There is no “white” and “black” magic – it’s a neutral force. And guiding ethics for magical use vary from system to system, and from practitioner to practitioner.
    Generally speaking, such a spell would be considered a positive one.
    Neither of you seem to understand what it even means to “interfere with free will” – or you wouldn’t be asking this question.
    I think the best idea would be for both of you to simply apply yourselves to studying more. If he studies more, he’ll stand a better chance of getting the scholarship. If you study more about magical theory, the mechanics of casting (so that you can get results, rather than just playing at it without any read knowledge), and also the varying ethical perspectives.

  5. well as the only way for him to get the scholorship would be either to encourage him to study more which interferes with free will, manipulate the answers or implant the answers into his mind which again involves manipulating his mind or deception. and lastly by targeting the people who decide.
    i cant see how you can acheive your aims without deception or manipulating someones mind so its all black magic.
    bad luck

  6. Hmm. According to the tenants of Forbidding, this use of magic is considered mancery (black) because it interferes with free will when he is not a clear danger to himself or others. In addition, the magic is being used to obtain money from a third party, so that places it in a real gray area.

  7. you can write something to wish him well and for him to receive it upon his own admission simply meaning you can do this for him but with his permission, anyone with a connection to this person by blood will make it stronger.


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