Is this sleep paralysis or astral projection?

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For 5 years I have been suffering from “sleep paralysis.”
I don’t understand why this is happening to me. I did have one person suggest that I was astral projecting involuntarily. I was told that I was only going as far as the etheric plane. I would like to go beyond this plane, but I freeze up and freak out because of the “evil ” presences and sounds that I encounter while on this plane. I could really use some serious tips on how to “let myself go” enough to get past the etheric plane. Any suggestions?

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Edward L

Are you aware when your in this state? If so just dive into the cold water.


Everyone projects involuntarily, but most cannot remember the experience. When you hear sounds, this is called clairaudience(clear hearing), like clairvoyance(clear seeing). I have had clairaudience before asral projection before. Just relax and think good thoughts. No matter what you hear, it cannot hurt you. It sounds like your fear is attracting negative entities or attracting you to the lower astral/etheric plane.
To answer your question, this is not projection, but a precursor stage. You are almost there. Did you feel vibrations or buzzing in your head/body?
Try reading some good OBE or astral projection books.
William Buhlman is a well-known modern author.
Also, try hemi-sync CDs.
Yahoo group


You can go anywhere providing you believe you can. The “evil presence” happens when you travel to lower levels of existence, generally called as “Umbrals” or simply through the Earth’s surface. Before going to sleep, ask your mentors to protect and guide you. The only danger in astral projection is loss of interest in life itself. We are reincarnated to experiment and learn. The spiritual level is one point higher than ours, so some people that visit it regularly forget their daily duties, become some sort of egotists. There is one way to know if you’ve had an astral projection: did you see any of your astral body parts, like hands, for instance? If you did, the projections was real. In dreams you don’t “see”, you create an idea of the object, like if your mind was a camera, not using your eyes to see.

Tom I

1) See if you can achieve paralysis in broad daylight, ideally by combining “Focus 10” HemiSync with an afternoon nap (lie on your back to maximise the odds of paralysis). You don’t freak yourself out when it’s daylight so will be able to stay calmer.
2) Count in your head every time you enter paralysis, and keep a diary of what numbers you reach. This will a) distract you from your fear response b) give you a useful empirical measurement of how long the window of weirdness is c) give you a target bravery score to beat and feedback on your progress. Before long, you’ll find the fear starts to become optional – then you can move on to the fun stuff…


Sleep paralysis, simply put, is when your mind wakes up (to a certain extent) while your body remains asleep. When you sleep, a chemical is produced that keeps you paralyzed so that you don’t act out your dreams. When you wake up before the antidote to this chemical is released, you have sleep paralysis.
You’re not astral-projecting. However, since you seem to be pretty good at recognizing your sleep paralysis, you could get good at lucid dreaming. That is, if you can ignore the scary ringing in your ears.


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