Is this really the reason religious people don't believe in global warming?





So I received this message from another user, and apparently this is what she believes,
“Go ahead, hug a tree, save the planet, pick up trash, go green… none of it matters, you are obviously too stubborn and close minded to see what is the truth and what is important. Yes, the earth will burn, but that will not be caused from a myth such as global warming. When Christ comes back and takes His people home, there will be 7 years of tribulation, then when all is done, the earth will engulf in flame! That is how the world will end! I never said that the Bible predicted the weather! It does not! However, if something as crazy as global warming was true, it would mention it! Some “scentists” say that global warming will end the world! The Bible would mention that! It does not! The Bible clearly says how the world is going to end!”
Is this really what people believe? Or is it not a common view?
HTacianas, I would advise you to actually look in to what “irreligious” people believe before making accusations.
One Brave Mouse, did you not read the last sentence of my original post? The one where I asked if it was a common view?


  1. As an strange coincidence the Artic Ice caps are melting while the Antartic are expanding, yes a lot more ice.
    However, would you be inclined to believe we will all drown and boil due to global warming if I told you that one side was melting while the other side was freezing over at an alarming or equal rate?

  2. Mom if I could I would give you a NOBEL prize. As for the Christian hard core I tend to disagree as I consider my self Christian although not hard core as I also look at the scientific and opposing views.
    Global warming?
    To put this mildly it is as much a conspiracy as the conspiracies opposing it!
    If you look at the You tube presentations by some people like: Google these-
    Lord Christopher Monckton ends the Global Warming Debate,
    Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome. This woman is an Australian Legislative Council elected State Parliament member. Not Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura as some people will say these are too controversial and conspiracy theorists by profession.
    Watch the presentations carefully and follow up on the information they provide.
    Let me ask you one question.
    What would happen if we had an ICE AGE? We know it can take up to 70 years to occur and while it is developing it can make the weather patterns warm and cool or become drastic.
    The clever manipulation of facts by presenting certain facts is what we have to be very worried about. Telling us that the polar ice caps are melting and making us believe that the sea levels are rising sharply to make us panic could be the agenda. It has already happened in some states and countries where exclusive property land owners were panicked into selling their homes at a cheaper than market price only to have certain Politicians that were part of the fear propaganda agenda buy the properties.
    Why buy a property that is sinking?
    Could some devices cause drastic weather changes? Look up HAARP and ask if it is possible?

  3. Yeah, as a fundamentalist, bible believing, born again Christian, that’s what I believe. We already know how the story ends, so why worry about it ending in a way that just cannot happen? Its like worrying that the earth will be swallowed by some huge, green, intergalactic monster named Clarence. Its just stupid.
    When most Christians say they don’t believe in global warming, what they are really saying is that they do not subscribe to the belief that it is catastrophic. The world might be getting slightly warmer, it might be getting slightly cooler. Its probably been doing it since day 7 when God created it more than 6000 years ago. I doubt it has anything at all to do with mankind, or fossil fuels etc. We have had at least one ice age in the past, and no one blames that on mankind. Why should any current changes (if they are even real) be any different?

  4. Apparently there are many people who do not want to take any responsibility for the harm we are causing to this planet.
    G-d expected us to be good stewards of creation, but we have acted selfishly, with greed and pride and will no doubt suffer the consequences.
    This animosity towards science is baffling.
    We have the power and ability to stop the harm we are doing, and yet people still refuse to acknowledge it. Very troubling.

  5. Do you generally pigeonhole a whole group of people based on the beliefs of one? There’s a word for that I think it’s called bigotry.

  6. The common view is the fact that the earth has been cooling since 1998. Back in the 1970’s the big scare was that we were entering a new ice age.
    Global warming is a scare tactic to get people use less, pollute less, and for people like Al Gore to make billions of dollars. Clean air is good, but it is not good to use the “global warming” lie.

  7. Because people have way to much faith sometimes. They believe so much because they want to hide the fact that we are destroying the world. They do not want to take responsibility for their actions.

  8. That’s one person’s opinion. I think it’s rather silly, but they’re entitled to it.
    I believe in global warming. The planet has warmed and cooled countless times before and it continues to do do. Why do irreligious people ignore the evidence for it?

  9. I know atheists who consider the current view on climate change more political than scientific. So why does anyone refuse to drink the kool-aid?

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