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Is this racism or something else?

I work in a 98% white male factory with the average age well into their 50s. This hot model pretty sweet and nice black girl (age 23) works there and no one pays attention to her except me.I’m a white 57 year old man. We have dated and she is the real deal. Everyone talks of the white chubby hag who will retire in 3 years. Is this racism?


  1. It’s not racism as no one is directly insulting her or black people in general, that would be racism, not speaking to someone is just petty, it would be the same for anyone, the fact that she’s black in this case might have something to do with it, but as no deliberate insults or abuse are taking place, it’s just people being twats. 🙂

  2. It could be racism, or it could be intimidation.
    If she’s a beautiful model… people in that sort of a testosterone-fuelled environment are going to want to give her crap.
    “She’s a skinny black girl… her manual labour can’t compete with us men”
    It’s probably a bit demasculating to them to have a female on the premises- especially if she is doing an equally good job as them.
    I find it hard to believe that ALL 50 of them could be racist, but there could be an element of intimidation there too.

  3. Well not really i was in the situation. Mainly it could be because she’s a female and they have nothing in common but work, so they don’t communicate. I asked one of they guys that i worked with and he was like “uh well what are we gonna talk about? The weather”. Yeah that’s just how it is lol.


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