Is this possible………………..?

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please give me ur thoughts on this,
…….”i found freedom, locked up in a cell in prison
became a learned man without having to pay for a college tuition, and had a spiritual awakening without religion………..

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Secret Agent of God

Why not?

Frank D

Yes…..if it happened it’s possible. So?
What’s your point?


yes, absolutely…congrats to you btw


Why not, makes sense to me…


When you are locked up with your thoughts, without distractions, things happen.


yes and probably the best way 2 do it


Sounds like Buddha, so I’d have to go with yes.

Phoenix M (missing JS)

Absolutely possible.

Long Haired Biker

Yes…………Read more books, they alone contain the knowledge to change the world, one mind at a time.


Sounds like a pretty good way to pass the time in prison.

David V

And found love even though I was alone…
A person can find solace in many different ways. It depends on the person and how desperate they are.


Of course. :)) I would say the first and last thing said would be more likely than the second, though. A learned man? It depends on the prison, buddy!!! XD You know in Norway, prisons have tv, prisons have internet, prisons have psychiatrists there to help you, and they also have you some freedom. They try to change you through good ways instead of strict, belittling ways. If you are in a prison like Norway and not Indonesia, you would be more likely to achieve those things. So haha, yes, it depends on the prison really, but I’d say it IS possible. Yes. =-)


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