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Is this possible for a haunting?

I have lived in my house for over 9 years now and I have always felt safe. I belive in both the occult and spiritual afterlife. Just recently I always feel like someone is watching me and my applicances (for example my stove) have been exploding or shuting down. The doors keep opening by themselves and I feel a negitive energy in one particular spot in my hallway. Is it possible to have a haunting after so many years of living here?? Or has my peaked intrest in the occult awaken them?? Please help.


  1. Yes but I would first have an electrician check out your wiring. High EMF’s can cause the feelings of negativity, paranoia, and being watched. If your appliances are shutting off and exploding, you probably have insane amounts of EMF’s in your kitchen. Could cause a fire and not good for the body, so get that checked first and foremost.

  2. Your “… peaked interest in the occult…” hasn’t awakened anything but your overly active imagination. Buy a new stove and see a shrink for your paranoia.
    Paranormal phenomena aren’t real. Abnormal thoughts and broken appliances are.

  3. Your interest in the occult has definitely opened a doorway. It is always possible to have a haunting. Have you considered alternatives to which these things could be happening as well? You should watch ghost hunters. You can learn a lot of things about hauntings from them. Good luck!

  4. Yes, it certainly is possible.
    It sounds as if you have a poltergeist on your hands. Are any members of your household entering puberty now? Experts theorize this life change can create poltergeist activity.
    Contact several universities until you find one that is home to a paranormal research department. Request their help–very few will refuse such an invitation. They may be able to analyze your situation and suggest possible paths.
    Good luck.

  5. Yes you’re house is haunted. I would get someone to remove the spirit and send it on. My house is haunted but its not really harming anything so I just share my house with the spirit.

  6. There is no scientific evidence for anything supernatural, it is probably just your mind playing tricks on you since you have become so involved in these things, so don’t worry about it

  7. You’ve got an evil prescence in your home brought on by your rather unhealthy belief in the Occult
    Repent and turn from this and turn to Jesus Christ who will help you


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