Home Discussion Forum Is this new String Theory of Science a rip-off of Shaman teachings?

Is this new String Theory of Science a rip-off of Shaman teachings?

“Seers” claim that everything is held together by a web of
light! 1 Samuel 9:9, “The prophets were first called seers!”


  1. LOL. I heard of string theory. Ya, maybe the Shamans ARE right. Any ways it’s just a scientific theory I don’t really think religion was implied. You’re funny. The people who found it out were probably not likely Shamans, nor do I think they are ripping off the Shamans. It was just a coicidnce.
    *Edit* Donughts, this WoodWorking guy is making me hungy

  2. Are you talking about “strings” as in protoplasm of space?
    Energy bands? Space Plasma as its called, whether charged or not… Or, black dust that hides most of the Universe from us…
    Anyone can “theorize” things, and write it down, and be called a Genius…
    I can say there are little donuts all over the universe that spin around and do strange things…And, if there happens to be a galaxy like the milky way, or some other circular form, that happens to be shapped like a donut, will they call ME a genius? I think not…
    Astrophysisists are always theorizing (and they are supposed to know what they are talking about), about this and that and all possibilities that are “known” phenomenas and quantify unknowns by thier variables…
    Because some one “guess right” when they were held in superstitious thralls, doesnt make them a genius or have insight…They got lucky!
    I wish you well..

  3. Since it is unlikely that those particular scientists had any knowledge of the shamanic teaching of any culture or if they did…i dount they would have understood the connection between the shanimac beliefs and thier thoeory. Personally I think that the theory having its resemblance to the shamanic teachings gives a scientific veracity to the shananic teachings. sinply another way of arriving at the same answer.


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