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Is this my chi/chakra I feel?

I just started tai chi and when i meditate, i feel my body slightly tingling and hear a quiet vibrating-like noise. Is this my chi/chakra I feel? What can i do to make it stronger?


  1. Im studying a taoist nui kung (chi gong) form still relatively new to it I have experienced that tingly feeling and that is the chi. In order to understand it YOU MUST meditate everyday the day you decide not to meditate is the day u loose everything youve gained. When you meditate meditate for as long as comfortable. the slighest tension or pains can destroy you and hurt you. Keep it natural dont worry about doing it for long periods just do it for as long as comfortable I recommend meditating 3 times a day at 6am 12pm and 12am these are the best times. but the times arent necessary what is necessary is that you do it every day for as long as possible. Also when you meditate keep focus on whatever your sifu tells you to dont let your thought drift in to anything else besides the chi gong your doing in my meditation I can only focus on the tingly feelings on my nose. Im sure yours tells you to have no thoughts or something like that you need your mind to be 100% focused on a point or 100% empty. Meditation is powerful if you do it everyday you will discover it is dont take it for granted though

  2. You have several chakra centers inside your body–I Believe the number is 7. crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus and root–6 that I can name from memory. Your chi is your life energy. Not necessarily seperate from your chakra centers, your chi is throughout your body and the energy around it, and the energy it produces. There is chi everywhere. When I first started meditating, I felt vibrations like an earth quake. I thought some one was shaking me, but realized later that it was my heart beating. Once I found out what it was, to make it stronger, all I do is focus on my heart, and it beats very powerfully. Slow and deep.


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