Is this Karma in action or mind games?

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When I first met her we had been dating a couple of months before she met my parents. At the time I introduced her as a friend and I was wrong to do so (because she was more than a friend) and I apologized to her though I never went back and cleared it up with my parents…it just never crossed my mind because my family is not personal with each other like that. My family knows that any woman my brothers and I bring around the family is more than likely a girlfriend, fiance or someone we care about deeply.
At any rate, two years later she cheats on me and gets engaged to the guy weeks after we broke up (during the time I thought we were trying to reconcile and had no idea there was someone else). During a conversation I had with her recently she tells me “Karma’s a ***** isn’t it…” She goes on to explain that while we were together I told my family she was a “friend.” She says that she felt disrespected and hurt and that is why I’m suffering and hurting now.
She tells me she loves me all the time, every single day but it’s only to me she tells that. But her myspace page confesses her undying love for her fiance (the guy she cheated on me with). I didn’t know it meant that much to her for her to hold on to it for 2 years, never said anything else about it until after she was caught cheating…Am I being punished because I stupidly didn’t go back and straighten out the friend introduction I made to my parents or is she using that as a way to justify her wrong? It seems a bit petty to me and eventhough I know I was wrong is that enough to justify cheating and lying?

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sounds like she is a drama queen, you can do better


She is simply trying to make herself look GOOD and you look BAD to justify her cheating on you!
And WHY are you talking to her everyday!!!!!! drop her like a hot potato …hard as it may be…you are only asking for trouble and disrespecting the guy she cheated on you with…she is SO playing the both of you….do you not think you deserve a good woman…holy crap!


It seems like she’s just trying to make you feel guilty for no reason. Its not worth getting upset about.

Im just answering your question!

its simply just her trying to make herself feel/look better in the whole scenario.I mean, I can understand where she is coming from, regardless of what the family situation is on your side you really should have introduced her as your girlfriend (simply for her respect) but it goes to show she hadnt really moved on when she had the affair and that she was on the rebound…it wont last. THATS karma.


I don’t see how karma has anything to do with it.
I’m guessing (I said “guessing”) that she is hurt and wants to show you how she feels. Which don’t clear up the matter. If you both truly care about each other, there wouldn’t be any hiding about it.
Talk to her and let her know straight out how you feel and ask her if she has the same feelings or are you simply just a friend now.


Mind games.

Tonya B

She’d say any thing to make her self feel and look better after what she did. This is not Karma just a bad girlfriend.


its the excuse she is using to justify her cheating on u. she has to find some reason and if this flimsy excuse is all she has it did not justify what she did to u. she was probably already with this guy way before she broke up with u. if she is telling u she still loves u she is just trying to keep u interested just in case he dumps her or she doesn’t want him anymore so she can come running back to u. your her second choice, she chose him over u, end of story.u didn’t do anything bad to this girl she did bad to u. i would cut all ties with her because if she comes back to u she Will only do it again.


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