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Is this just a coincidence about Chinese astrology?

Tiger Woods in Chinese astrology was not only born in the year of the Tiger but there are 5 kinds of Tigers. A metal tiger – an earth tiger – a water tiger – a fire tiger – and a wood tiger. Guess what kind of tiger Tiger Woods is? OOOOOHH !!


  • According to wiki, Tiger Woods is born on December 30th, 1975. His full name is Eldrick Tont Woods. Tiger is his nickname.

    In Chinese lunar calendar, starting 2/11/1975, until 1/30/1976 is year of rabbit. And if you will, this year is water rabbit.

    As for in ZiPing Ba Zi (Four Pillars), the date he is born is of earth monkey.

    You may need to recheck your source of information.

  • Hi,
    I am Japanese, living in Tokyo, and studying Chinese Oracles for several years.

    There are many factors to consider with, in Chinese astrology. And according to ZiPing( 子平 ), one of the most popular Chinese astrology, the most important thing is, one has balanced power and potentiality in self and not need to be strong.

    In ZiPing, we need to know birth year, month, day, and time to make basic chart of personality, which we call MingShi( 命式 ). There are more than 100000 patterns of MingShi.

    I used Hanzi characters, if you cannot read them in your environment, sorry for inconvenience.
    Thank you.

  • Is it a coincidence that an Asian mother might name her son after the Chinese zodiac sign of his birth year? Um, not really.

  • Hes a Woody Tiger

    Him and Woody Wood Pecker should get together ,,,, O no a bad Idea ,,,He might get Pecked by the pecker

  • I think you’re on to something much larger and important than you could ever realize….I think it’s time to call George Noory.

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