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Is this joke funny, spiritually speaking?

One mahatma, a great saint, died — One of his followers died the next day. When the follower reached heaven, the first thing that he was interested in was, “Where is our guru? He must be enjoying — he must have been given all the joys that only heaven can provide.”
And then suddenly he saw his guru underneath a beautiful tree… with whom, do you know? — with a beautiful blonde young woman! Her sitting in his lap, both naked, hugging each other! The follower fell at the feet of the saint. He said, “Guru Deva, O Great Master, I always knew that you were the greatest master; now I am seeing with my own eyes. God is so pleased with you, he has given you this beautiful young woman as a reward!”
The blonde young woman looked very angrily at the man and said, “You fool, stop talking nonsense! You don’t understand a thing. I am not his reward, he is my punishment!”


  1. This is not a joke. Its blasphemy in God’s eyes.
    I will explain by breaking it down.
    The statement above robs God of His authority. First, the only
    reason to go to heaven is to praise God. No one seeking a guru
    or anything other than God will ever get to heaven.
    No one will be rewarded with a blonde. God is their reward.
    Heaven is their gift from God.
    No one will be naked because there is no physical form in
    heaven. It is a spiritual form.
    No one is permitted to fall at the feet of anyone but God. There
    is no one worthy of praise other than God.
    If God were pleased with a person, they are rewarded by being
    allowed to be in God’s presence and in heaven and not with a
    fleshly reward since there is no flesh in heaven.
    In reference to the man being her punishment:
    The statement implies that one of God’s children is better than
    another. God created everyone equal.
    It also implies that heaven is a place of punishment when in fact
    heaven is God’s holy dwelling place full of God’s love.
    God’s only wish to have a personal relationship with each person
    He has created and for each person to know Him.
    It offends God when such statements are made as in this joke.
    This joke turns heaven into nothing more than a place to hang
    out if you are good enough. Heaven is God’s home and a place
    He created to spend eternity with His children.
    It is not just another place to have sex as depicted in this joke
    if you earn the right.
    Heaven is a gift from God. It can not be earned.

  2. I think it’s hilarious. And for the person who had to break down why this joke is a blasphemy, Jesus turned water into wine and hung out with women of loose moral fiber. Apparently he knew how to have fun. Maybe you should learn.

  3. when I first came in contact with unity in diversity I thought that maybe there was something there to be looked at, listened to maybe even embraced, but now I have been sent these Mulla Nasrudin jokes and this.
    what does one say to this ? Is there really something to be learned from such simple minded sophist oriented western monotheist influneced crap.
    Is the joke funny no. it is meant to stir the echos of a stagnant mind, but that mind will never be stirred.
    One human’s pain is another’s pleasure
    one humans’ trash is another human’s treasure
    the list goes on
    the leason so simple and so ingrained that anyone who needs to learn this is already lost
    there are those lost that can not be saved
    concentrate on your own soul save it lest it too be lost
    and I am not talking about Jesus for you christians out there, for the love of god


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