Is this enough evidence of an afterlife?

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1) Near Death Experiences -people describing relatively same experience.
2) Ghosts – abnormal and numerous spirit sightings
3) Reincarnation – Similarities between Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock
4) Psychics – An unusual gift to see future by talking to spirits
5) Etheric Matter – Loss of weight (about 2 lbs) after death
6) Religion – All religion suggest an afterlife dating back to ancient times.

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Just faith — you can’t take a mere man’s word — just faith !! In fact it’s easier than you think and you practice it all the time –driving!
But God’s word is TRUTH — and God talk’s alot about life after death in His word !!
Be Blessed!!


If I were to describe a place I’ve never been before, would you expect it to be completely accurate, or complete BS?


1. Hallucinations are the same in many instances.
2. Most “sightings” are a placebo effect.
3. Har.
4. When I see real future predictions, I’ll believe it.
5. I thought the soul was supposed to be SPIRITUAL, not physical. Duh.
6. Many religions have inaccuracies in their teachings.


No, none. Nothingness before life, nothingness after death. Eternal nothingness is mathematically feasible. Nothing more to say.

neil s

1) No they don’t. Virtually everyone describes what they expect, which suggests the mind makes it all up.
2) No evidence for ghosts exists
3) Reincarnation – similarity is not evidence. There is evidence (See Ian Stevenson’s work) but not nearly enough to establish the claim.
4) Psychics – again, no credible evidence
5) Etheric matter – metaphysical nonsense
6) Religion – not evidence for anything but wishful thinking


1. sure, those couldn’t have beed drug induced
2. drugs, again. crazy people. retards who want their 15 mins of fame
3. you need help
4. lucky, educated guesses
5. you know, probably not any scientific explanation for that one
6. I live my entire life based on a book. cool.


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