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Is this dream "character" a spirit guide, symbolism, or just a random character?

I’ve asked this question before, but would like to get more opinions on it.
I’m not big into reading meaning in dreams because I view dreams as being a big jumbled mess of thoughts. But I do not rule out some “paranormal” things like guardian angels (Christianity) and spirit guides, which many consider to be a part of shamanism.
I do not see this character in my dreams anymore, but not to long ago a black camel with fairly long fur (yes, very odd) has appeared in two separate dreams at two different days. Both times he has been a source of comfort in stressing dreams. But all he has done is lay down and allow me to lean against him.
What is even weirder is that he is in the oddest places in my dreams. Once in a library, and the other time in a museum. I am a very shy person, so I stay in the library during my lunch hour at school instead of sitting with other people. Maybe this has something to do with it?


  1. I view dreams as symbolic dialogue from the subconscious, which means that they aren’t literal. I’d be more prone to interpret the camel not as an individual or separate entity, but as a part of you yourself in which you find comfort. If your avatar picture is accurate (with the long black hair), then his appearance might make more sense.
    Just my $0.02.

  2. Camels represent the ability to store what is needed for survival. That is to say they are know for their ability to store water in their humps and travel long distances without needing water. The Camel also represents the ability to transport through the desert long distances. Camels are know as the “ships” of the desert. Bedouins used everything on the camel for their survival. They even kept the dung to heat their coffee. The Camel is a symbol of survival. In your case the camel represents storing what is needed for you to survive. Also, that which is stored will take you through a long and successful journey. The long hair on a Camel may mean the onset of bad weather (cold) much like cattle and sheep grow longer hair at the onset of winter.
    The Camel with the long hair represents the need to store something that you feel is needed for your survival because troubled times are coming for you.
    Museums and the Library are symbols of stored knowledge.
    The dream is telling you that you need to study, store knowledge, go to an institute of higher learning to store knowledge. You feel this knowledge is imperative for your survival because you expect trouble in the future. The knowledge like the ship of the desert is needed for your survival and is needed to transport you through life. You feel you need to prepare yourself for the future through learning and knowledge. The fact you are leaning on the Camel confirms your need to lean on your source of survival. You are spending much time in the library learning, and leaning on that source of knowledge as well as the museum.
    If you are from middle eastern descent or near east then this is significant.
    Stay in the library and study, go to college and you will enjoy a great lifes journey. The knowledge you store there will carry you through lifes journey and ensure your success.

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