Home Discussion Forum Is this dream character a spirit guide, or just a random character?

Is this dream character a spirit guide, or just a random character?

I’m not big into psychics or anything of that matter. But I do not rule out some “paranormal” things like guardian angels (Christianity) and spirit guides, which many consider to be a part of shamanism.
I do not see this character in my dreams anymore, but not to long ago a black camel with fairly long fur (yes, very odd) has appeared in two separate dreams at two different days. Both times he has been a source of comfort in stressing dreams. But all he has done is lay down and allow me to lean against him.
What is even weirder is that he is in the oddest places in my dreams. Once in a library, and the other time in a museum. I am a very shy person, so I stay in the library during my lunch hour at school instead of sitting with other people. Maybe this has something to do with it?
What are your thoughts?


  1. I have dreams like that before. Always the same character.
    I never consider my a spirit guide but maybe the character is the comfort that you require in the real world.

  2. Reads like a spirit guide, however psychology seems to play a huge part in it too. I used to dream about Godzilla all the time staring in my bedroom window, (no kidding) just because I was a Godzilla nut. I doubt Godzilla’s my spirit guide. Exhaust practical applications first, don’t ditch common sense…

  3. animals in dreams are like totem animals
    some believe these to be guides ( personally i dont )
    but i do believe they hold a lot of symbolism
    camels would be known for the ability to adapt to places/situations well due to their storage of water in a dry land
    this one seems like it is there for security , comfort and adaptability
    characteristics that at times you may need to adopt


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