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Is this considered Witchcraft?

by ™¥I L™¥VE CHRIS JERICHO!!!™¥:

Like lighting candles for inspiration and using herbs for their healing ability and using scented oils extracted from various plants and minerals for their energy stuff? Is that considered Witchcraft?
Like for example, I was reading this book about witches and they’d light a certain colored candle for a purpose (e.x.: yellow for energy, red for passion/love, etc.) and they’d use minerals like carnelian for attracting energy (I think that’s what they used it for).
I don’t really believe in the part about the minerals, but I love scented oils and candles and using herbs. Does that make me a practicer (is that what you would call it? A practicer?) of Witchcraft?
I mean I love my religion and follow it, but it’s not like I like casting spells and such. I’m not trying to bring trouble or harm upon anyone or trying to get a good score on a test. It’s just that candles, oils, and herbs are so relaxing.
So what do you think?
All answers are appreciated. (:
Again, I’m not doing any spells or anything, I just like to light candles and use oils for inspiration and relaxation. (:

Answer by Jesse


  1. unless you actually practice the religion & cast spells & do the things that are considered witch craft, then no i wouldnt say its witchcraft. Lots of people light candles that have certain scents to get different things out of it. For example, lavender is said to be a soothing/calming scent but if i put lavender body lotion on my child to calm or soothe her, thats not practicing witchcraft.

  2. Magic is about intent. If you are choosing candles and oils and such with a specific intent in mind, and you are mindfully anointing them and lighting them with that specific intent in mind, then it could be considered witchcraft.
    If you just think they’re pretty and smell nice, that’s not witchcraft.

  3. not at all. and if you’re worried about it interfering with Christianity, I personally don’t think the average Christian would consider it witchcraft either. It just means you like candles and oils.

  4. Witchcraft is not a religion, Wicca is.
    Does it really matter what you call it? If lighting candles and incense help you to relax, then its not really a bad thing is it? Or does your religion have something against nice smells and candles? Do whatever you wish.

  5. no not if you’re not trying to do “magic” then you aren’t do “magic” and personally i don’t believe in witches. lots of people do that for what you do and the ancient people would do that and they weren’t considered witches

  6. yes. witches do that kind of stuff. just because you use the oils and candles doesnt make you a practioneer, though. plenty of people use essential oils and candlelight to relax, like add them to a bath or something. nothing witchy about that. witches actually use with a certain intention to change something. thats the major difference. : )

  7. It’s not witchcraft if you’re not using the tools for a purpose. Just because you like them doesn’t make you a witch. They can be used as tool to practice, but of course they have all sorts of other uses. If you’re using the oils and minerals to attract energy it could be considered a “minor” version of the craft but you really cannot practice magic without the intent. It’s like having all the stuff to make cookies, but just eating the cookie dough, or playing with the mixer, you don’t get cookies, but some of the things were still used for something.


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