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Is this an example of astral travel?

My daughter is on vacation with my mom and her family in a state where I’ve never been.
A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was outside of my aunt’s house (where my daughter and mom are currently staying), and I could hear them inside yelling “call 911, call 911”. I then started dialing 911 from a payphone that was suddenly in front of me.
The next morning, my daughter called and said that a bear broke into my aunt’s house while they were sleeping. They called 911 twice. Nobody was hurt, thank God!
I then spoke to my mom about the dream I had the night before and was able to describe the outside of my aunt’s house perfectly. I even knew the color, porch location and wood color, and what her side yard looked like.
I’m really freaked out by this. Anybody have any insight?
This same kind of thing happened once before when my mom was, again, on vacation. I was able to accurately describe her surroundings. It’s very weird and very cool.


  1. im thinking you should call your mom and daughter, it could mean they have experienced something dangerous or they will, so call just in case….thats just my opinion.

  2. Yes, If you could describe the house, that was probably astral travel, which is really cool, I think I did it once when my cat was lost and when I fell asleep I could see him inside of an old chicken house that belonged to some friends down the road, and the next day they called us and told us that they had found our cat when they went to feed the chickens the next morning. don’t be freaked out, this is really cool stuff.

  3. Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book called ” The undescovered self” It speak’s of such phenomena. Some thing like that happened to me on a few occasion’s. I figure your brain activity is like a computer.
    And I think if your very intellegent your can forsee thing’s before they happen in your sleep.The Book is By Peale, Not sure if it’s undescovered self. Could be .

  4. It might be.
    If you want to learn about the subject without having to sort through a lot of anonymous answers by strangers, about whom you know nothing, including whether they know anything, there’s a way to learn.
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