Home Discussion Forum Is this an aura(a migrain aura) and are auras common?

Is this an aura(a migrain aura) and are auras common?

I really dont know how to explain it but every time about 30 mins before my migrain stars i start to feel different and really like funny and stuff like i dont really know ho to explain it and my vision gets like these blind spots and i see things wierd.


  1. Yes that is aura before migraine. You have to relax and stay in a quiet place once you have it. Take muscle relaxants and pain medicines. Mainly breathing slowly and steadily like meditation..

  2. Take care. Can be a sugar problem.
    Probably you love sugar. Look if this migraine appears some after you take a candy or something with a lot of sugar.
    Probably you have a hippo glucemic problem. Ask your doctor, please.
    And abandon immediately sugar! You can use stevia-sugar… never artificial sugar…. never aspartame.

  3. From what I have been told by my doctor, yes, this is a type of migraine aura.There are other auras(signals) here are a few that I personally have :feeling of weakness,sick to stomach,metal taste in mouth, seeing ‘stars’, sudden tiredness.I also can tell one is approaching when I can never seem to get enough to eat. Never feel full. Never feel satisfied. This while feeling sick to the stomach. Mood swings are common. Light and sound begin to bother even before any pain has occurred.
    Please remember, these are personal symptoms and I am not a health care provider.

  4. I wouldn’t call that an aura. It is a natural thing that you see. The name for this is a prodrome (before the sickness) and the visual disturbances in migraines are called tocopsy. People I know see all manner of lights swirling around and they can’t see to drive home and get in bed.


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