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Is this amethyst real or synthetic?

70-80% of the amethysts on the market are fake, and the jewelers selling them don’t even know because they themselves have been duped. It’s really hard to tell, even for a jeweler. Anyway, I really want a real one, and I just bought this ring with an amethyst stone so dark it looks black from far away. It has lots of inclusions, so I’m hoping that this stone is so flawed/unique that no one would bother to make a fake like it, but some fakers are getting really good and put in inclusions. What do you think the chances are of it being real? Thanks for your help!!!!!


  1. I’ve never heard of anyone faking an amethyst , they’re only semi precious. I know they bake poor quality amethyst to make citrine.

  2. I think that your 70-80% is rather high but yes there are synthetic amethysts on the market and they are very good. Without seeing your stone it is, of course, impossible to give a definite answer to your question. I think that your asumption is accurate and that a stone with many inclusions has a very high posibility of being natural. The clearer and more inclusion free an amethyst is the higher is its value and so making included stones is not as profitable as making a clean one.

  3. First, synthetic gemstones are not “fakes”…they are just man made and identical to the naturally occurring gemstone in every physical, mineralogical and chemical way. Amethyst is cheap, so as long as the stone is beautiful buy it and enjoy it. BTW all synthetic amethyst is flawless or nearly so and beautifully colored – it actually looks a lot better than much of the mined amethyst – and is cheaper. Get over this idea of “fake” and “real” gemstones….in reality, if no one can tell the difference – what difference does it make? (and no, you can’t say “I’d know the difference”).


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