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Is this all in my head?

I think i might have a “haunted house”. i hate using that term because i dont believe in “ghosts” in the traditional sense. i believe in negative and positive energy. in that if you walk into a room where two ppl have been fighting you can feel the tension…etc. so i believe that happiness, fear, guilt, anger etc can be imprinted on the environment around you.my husband and i moved into a beautiful new home in Nov. one that we have been constructing for a while. the land it sits on is peaceful..nothing negative (no cemeteries, Indian burial grounds, etc.)but lately I’ve been hearing, seeing and feeling things.
I’ve had an electrician out here to make sure our wires are not putting off high EMF readings, etc. I’ve heard a baby crying when my 3 yr old son is not home.I’ve seen shadows right outside my living room window.I’ve felt someone walk up behind me,I’ve gotten that feeling like someone was watching me,and I’ve smelled an aftershave that my husband does not wear.what do i do now?
we are not religious….so suggestions about religious pastors/fathers/rabis coming to “bless” the house are not something we are looking for.
we want REAL suggestions for investigating what things could be causing this.
I’ve asked this HERE because the ppl in R&S are being pricks.
i wanted real suggestions not snide insulting comments.
i do not believe in “evil spirits”
for me it’s more like a seeing a glI’mpse of a memory or a past, a feeling that was somehow recorded to the area in which it happened.
how to i tell a feeling to leave?
and…im not scared by it. I’ve never been scared by it. when i hear, see, and smell these things i get up and investigate them to no avail! it’s frustrating. I’m looking for something tangible to link them to.
oops that should read: a seeing a glimpse .
LOL yahell’s spell checker has gone mad!
nothing happened in my house. it’s a NEWLY constructed home. we are the first to live here.
yes, my husband has both seen shadows in the same area i have, hears his name being called when no one is home, and hears the baby crying.
i do deal w/it. and have since Nov 07. i have dealt w/it just fine. it neither scares me, worries me, or bothers me. just intrigues me.
my husband on the other hand cannot “deal w/it” which is why i am asking what i should do.
he and i had experiences separately for months w/out saying anything to the other because we just figured it was us getting used to a new home. then we thought it was just in our heads. then he finally came to me and told me what he had experienced, a lot of it was similar to my experiences. other things seemed more intense for him…(his name being called for instance)…which is why he is more bothered w/it than i.
JHC! again. this is a NEW house. not an old creeky one. im well aware of what a house sounds like when it settles. i know what wind sounds like…i grew up in west texas…trust me i know howling wind.
the smell was in my living room, doors shut, windows tight, not near a vent or a drain.
i am neither scared nor nervous about being in this house.
i do not hear “noises” i hear walking. i hear a BABY crying. ( i have 2 children…i know what that sounds like).
i see a shadow outside, it is solid mass. im not the only one that sees this.
yes i am very well aware that there should be a reasonable explanation for all this. and i totally disagree w/you Truth. it’s never just “nothing”. it is SOMETHING…what that something is, i have yet to discover. but it’s not “nothing”. esp when it upsets my husband.
seriously….ppl really do read only what they want.
you know NEW!!!
it’s 7 months old!


  1. You can just ask them to leave,
    just say..”This is my house, and you are not welcome here”
    Don’t be rude or insulting cause they might not like that.
    It worked for me when I had “ghosts” following me,
    they do tend to come back soemtimes, but if that happens just keep telling them to leave.

  2. You could try calling the TAPS in. Did you ever see ghost hunters? They investigate these sort of things, and put it on T.V. I’ve seen orbs in my house, among other things before. I say it’s best to ignore them, because fear feeds their power.
    Aknowedging them makes them stronger. Be very careful. They might be evil.

  3. I know how you feel! I’ve had a lot of strange experiences like the ones you described in my house, but I don’t believe in ghosts. I just decided that there must be a logical explanation and chose to ignore it. (I also never go into the room where I hear most of the noises and get negative feelings, lol). You could always research the history of your house and find out if anything happened there before you moved in. Also, there are a lot of people out there that claim to be able to communicate with ghosts and whatnot, so you could hire one of those.

  4. crap i dnt kno, thats creepy. It mite only be in your head. Has anyone else seen the shadows or experienced all of these things besides you? Try to live there for a bit longer see what happens. if its way too bothersome and things get really bad then move out. I dnt kno wat to say. best of luck and i hope its in your head cuz that would suck if it was really haunted

  5. Your land might be peaceful and quiet now, but I would see if anything happened there in the passed. Alot of times building on a land will stir some things up.

  6. Deal with it, eventually you will not worry about it. It may come up from time to time, but most of it is probably just in your head. Our minds can create the most real experiences simply by beliefs. For example.. someone says that there is a plague coming, people start listening and many of them will actually get sick. This is mass hysteria. We can produce nervous tendancies and other strange feelings like there are presences there with us. Our eyes can play tricks on us. You don’t have to believe in ghosts, but if you keep paying attention more and more things may happen. hope this helps.
    Also they always do say that construction on any land can “wake the dead” so to speak. Maybe you have a genuine haunting?
    Edit: Wow I have never seen someone do so many updates haha. Yes I understand that you are looking for an answer on how to quell these spirits or whatever they are. You don’t want the christian answer, which works for christians because they BELIEVE in exoricism, even though it is now only rarely practiced. The Jesuits that I studied with are still practicing though. anyway… you are looking for a solution and this is what I can come up with. Most of these people who want to remedy the problem say that you have to remain strong and emotionless, not angry, and tell the ghost that it is your house and that it should leave. There are also space cleansings and other methods that have seemed to work. I like the one where you put your shoes that you will wear the next day at the foot of your bed turning one towards you and one away when resting them next to each other. It is said to confuse the ghosts.
    check this website, it has the largest remedy list that I could find. I hope it helps!

  7. I think this is a very interesting story. Unfortunately my answer would be one of the religious nature…so I’ll spare you that.
    After all of these happenings in your house I find it hard to believe how you cannot believe in spirits…what your seeing and hearing is obviously more than negative or positive energy. Im not sure what kind of answer your looking for if you dont want to bless the house…the other option would be a median…but that seems kind of silly.

  8. This story is very similar to mine, Since i’ve been 3 years old i have lived in my same house and i always heard things, and saw faces/shadows. But then I learned yesterday that a eighty year old women died in my bedroom 12 years ago and i have lived my house for ten. I dont think it is all in your head because of all the reports of and stories, that happened to you. But what i have seen many times before is that people that take certain sleep medicine, depression pills have heard and seen things like this before.
    If you really want help you can hire investigators in your house, or move. Or have a preast bless your house.

  9. well i am a christian and I will make a suggestion to you.
    Get some oil pray over it and anoint your house yourself.
    That is if you believe in God.
    Otherwise there is nothing else I can say to you. It could be that you feel that way because you maybe had an experience in the house.
    Find out who lived in the house before and if it’s possible what they did there.
    At least consider what I said.

  10. Well most likely it is haunted I havnt had an experience yet so i couldnt tell you what to do but if it was me i would have it checked out by sum ivestagators and maybe get a video camra and leave the house for a while and leave the video camra on and a tape recorder will help to see what u have caught (most spirits wont hurt u they are just there to observe) try the ojjige board as well

  11. OK, please slow down and what you have read here already, is coming from religion thoughts, I think. First, and I feel that you already know this, but there is no such thing as a ghost or spirit in reality. People who claim to have seen such are halucinating or just imagining things. You said that you just move into the house. Anytime you move into a different place, you will have to become adjusted to the feel, smell and various small noises that might be heard. Houses do creek and you can hear noises that sound as if real voices are in the house. I moved into an older place about 2 years ago and for the first 5 months I heard all sorts of noises and even thought I was hearing people having a conversation at night. Finally after thoroughly examining the place and being very attentive to what sounded like voices, I found what it was all about. This old house had not been lived in for about 8 or 9 years, and with the new weight placed in the house and the movement etc, the house started settling again and hence the creeking. The sound of what seemed like voices was wind blowing ever so softly, but just enough to blow through air vents for allowing hot air to escape from the attic, and also some of that sound came from the soft wind moving around corners of the house. Smells, yes, I noticed some unusual smells and once thought I smelled wood burning as if in a firplace early one night. I check on that and what I found was the heat of the day had built up to a very high temperature in the attic until the old wood gave off a smell from that heat. Try to notice if the smell of after shave is really that, or it is likely another smell or could be just a smell of soap coming from one or more of your drains or the main drain line. Please search carefully, and you will find the problem or at least what it is that is causing you concern. It really is nothing. Just be sure that your electric, gas and water lines are in good condition. I hope that you will locate the problems quickly, Do not be afraid, there is no such thig as ghosts, and nobody is following you. You are just a bit nervous because of the sounds and being in a new/different place. Take care,

  12. this might sound totally ape, but if your house is old, then doing repairs and construction will sort of awaken its past. i’m pretty sure that they are not necessarily ghosts, although perhaps the shadows outside are. but i think that what you are experiencing is sort of like an imprint of a memory, the smell of the mens cologne, a baby crying. working in a house that hasn’t been worked on in a long time will sort of stir things up, ind of like dust. these things should stop though, once you have finished repairing things. i hope that this makes sense lol. i hope that i explained it in an easy way!

  13. Document each experience, date them and see if there is a pattern. If it continues and you want it investigated call the Ghost Hunter’s show.
    I’ve experienced random ghostly encounters, most I could deal with. Only once when I was a young girl was I really frightened. We had gone camping and went looking for worms at night, we found an old abandon house that looked as if someone just walked away 50 years ago, everything was in the house even dish’s still on the kitchen table, really erie, as we explored we found old cigar box’s with letters that the lady wrote to herself, her name was Zelda and she talked about everything but she was paranoid that someone was trying to kill her. She wrote about a trap she made around her bed, reading her letters at our campground was wild. The next morning we returned and it was as creepy in the daytime as it was at night. Anyway each of us took one thing from Zelda’s house, I choose a little burnt red teapot that was in her cabinet. My dad had plans of making a haul back there to take more stuff. After I brought the teapot home I sat it on our kitchen countertop, our bathroom was off the kitchen and one evening shortly after bringing the teapot home I walked through the kitchen and next to the stove was an old lady really pissed off, I ran to the bathroom and closed the door, next I heard a crash, I felt frozen but when I finally yelled for help no one heard me or came. I opened the bathroom door and there was that teapot smashed on the floor. There is no way that teapot just jumped off the counter but the old lady was gone and never returned. I am sure that Zelda came to
    get her teapot. I later learned that everyone who took something had an experience some sort of strange entity. My dad took a bow and arrow and the arrow cut him seriously. My dad was no longer interested in taking anything from Zelda’s house after learning what happened to everyone.
    I definately believe in ghosts…

  14. I definitely agree with the negative and positive energy that can be left after something has happened. I think that is what those sounds, smells, etc which I believe are re-occurrences of past events (energy left over of an event that has happened at the place at a different time). I think just some people can pick up on them, like you have. I have the same stuff happen to me all the time but I just figure that it’s energy that’s left there that I can pick up on. I just try not to let it have a reaction out of me and just accept the fact that I can pick up on it. I mean what really, else can you do?

  15. Ummmm just because the house you reside in is new that does not mean that there never was another dwelling there.
    While not finding any remains you may have inadvertently disturbed something that may have been buried long ago.
    I would tell you to turn to your faith but you have none….you may want to reconsider that because the energy within your home could be drawling on your lack of spirituality.
    Burn sage through out the house walking and ask the spirit to leave. Anoint of entries with olive oil. Usually the traditional anointing would call for the sign of the cross but without faith it means nothing.
    My heart goes out to you…..I have been there.


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