Is this a time for Lightworkers to be in solitude?

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As a Lightworker myself I feel its time to be at one within myself and harbor my Good Energies and Channel them accordingly.
Was just wondering if any other Lightworkers are doing this or if its just me.
harpetara: As a Lightworker I have dedicated my entire life to help people – by nature I am a Spiritual Healer and as such I can feel the vibrational changes.

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I think this is a time to channel all of the light we can. I send to both candidates and the people in the congress, senate and current president the votes to do what is right for our country. We need all the good energies available for this time, but you must do what you are being told.


Out of curiosity (respectfully), what is a “Lightworker”? In pagan tradition, the day of Samhain (Halloween) marks the beginning of the time of darkness when we retreat more within ourselves and our homes to sow the spiritual seeds that will sprout when the earth reawakens at Imbolg. I am pagan, a Reiki practitioner and a Therapeutic Touch practitioner. I am a healer by nature and inclination, if not by vocation. At this time of year I do tend not to extend myself to others as much so that I can ‘recharge my spiritual batteries’ as I like to put it. Is this what you are speaking of? Feel free to reply to me privately.

Trofim L

You work at a lighthouse? Then you are usually alone anyway.


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