Home Discussion Forum IS THIS A Spiritual experience???? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?????

IS THIS A Spiritual experience???? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?????

About 3 years ago, me and some friends decided to play with a Ouija Board, which at the time I had no idea about. During this event I had supposedly been claimed by this spirit who went by the name GRAIL. I began asking questions involving my death and other stupid questions. This so called spirit had then told me I was going to burn to death in two years prior to this event. After this I went on living my life fine, not ever really believing what this board had said. Then, a year before my supposed foretold death, I went to this party at the same house that I had played this Ouija Board. Now this certain night, I ended up dropping 3 hits of LSD. The thing that was weird is that my whole life, I have always had second thoughts on this drug, but that night there was no thinking, I just did. On my trip, we ended up leaving the party and driving to my friends. we parked in the drive way and sat. While sitting my friend eventually convinced me that I had just died in a car accident on the ride to my friends place. Thats when I went into an extreme state of mixed emotions and fearful thoughts. During the time I had pictured my death in a vehicle and could actually see the emergency crew cleaning up the wreck site while my eyes were engraved into the ground. All of this convinced me I was dead, and all I could think about was how much I Wasn’t ready to go. After the death scene I ended just having a casual fry. After all this, as months passed I then played with this board again, this time really convincing me I was going to die before the end of 2007, with now the thought of it being a car wreck, cause of the LSD. about a week before the end of the year I had managed to convince myself otherwise which I believe actually saved my life. Once 2008 hit, I had a whole new perspective on life and things got really good. I was appreciating everything in life and about it. I no longer judged and finally felt whole and referred to it as seeing the light(seeing the better in life). Then on a certain night, I was under the influence of THC,or weed, something inside me had then told me that I was going to win the lottery which had brought great sensation to me. Now, I must add that My whole life I had went without ever thinking about the lottery, just so you know Im not some greedy bastard who thinks money is happiness, cause I knows that In fact the opposite of happiness. So I ended up focusing all my energy on this, trying to figure it out, always trying to find the answers, WHEN, and HOW MUCH. I then thought I had come across the answer in my head and was so convinced that I had actually told all my friends. The day had come and I didn’t win, making all my friends and some family assume I’m crazy. This at first had an affect on me convincing me I was crazy. but only lasted for about an hour, then I knew I wasn’t I was just speaking my mind. But then I soon came to realize that I was missing big points out of all this, or thats what I believe anyways. I mean I believe that I’m not crazy, I just wanna know of this all means something big, or if it was to help me with my fears. And it seems like I’m always going from One set of beliefs to the next all the time until I reach a point where I feel most comfortable. I really just wanna know if taking this chemical man made substance fucked everything up for me, or if it has truly done good for me. I hope you can at least help me in some of these areas if not all. I think I am just very spiritually confused right now and I am hoping you might have some answers. Thank you if you read this and I hope to hear from as soon as you can.


  1. Well, for one the Oujii board….bad bad bad.. Evil spirits can enter in that way. The LSD, bad choice….it is a drug that makes you see things. I do beleive that any drug can ruin your life. It can turn you into a completely different person. Try to stay away from it. Read your bible. Pray…..

  2. Ouija boards, LSD, Marijuanna,Clairvoiance, and Gambling.
    Quite a mix… life in the fast lane indeed.
    I’d say take mushrooms and go to an old abandonned cathedral and listen to “ELP Tarkus” backwards while blindfolded and everything will become clearer…

  3. A ouija board is often the intro to spiritual experiences (of the WRONG KIND).
    Step away from the game, and try praying to God if you desire future spiritual experience that will be a benefit to your life, not some muddled and creepy experience that will eat you up.
    Games like that are similar to the “peeping wizards” we are warned against in the Bible.

  4. It was a drug trip. Drug trips are sometimes mistaken for spiritual experiences but they are not. Obviously you do not do well on drugs or ouija boards. Get a new hobby, preferably something involving strenuous outdoor exercise and lots of fresh air.

  5. Absolutely spiritual experience. When you are under the influence of some drugs, it opens up your mind to the spiritual world to where you could experience good or bad things. Also it could be a test of your faith and character. Please pray for your true answer and also the answers in all that you seek.

  6. no its not a spiritual experience, you are being waaay to analytical, matching up things that don’t fit just because you want them to. drugs are the dumbest thing you could ever do, (weed is not a drug) go see a therapist and don’t be embarrassed by needing one

  7. I think you need to stop thinking so much and stop taking drugs. They are NEVER a good thing. It’s normal for your beliefs and your thinking to change. The more you learn about life and the older you get, it will keep changing. Just live your life being the best person you can be and spend your time bettering yourself and helping others. That is how good things will come to you. Don’t waste your time taking drugs and partying or you won’t get anywhere.

  8. wow !It took me 3 days to read this! lol
    Speaking of three>>>)))’>
    The Father
    The Son
    And the Holy Ghost came to mind.
    They love you! They can show you a life worth living!
    3 other things came to mind.
    1) Don’t mess with drugs
    2)Don’t mess with “Ouija boards”
    3)Don’t invite demons into your life!
    There is no quality in life with that!
    God on the other-hand wants you to have a quality life!
    Seek Him Early my friend!

  9. I feel it to. Exactly what you described. Reading this made me cry alot. Mate I thought I was going crazy when I had me first spiritual experiene. I was stoned off my tits and i was teriffied and thought I was going to die. But somehow I got through it and it was the most beautiful experience of my life. Im sobar writting this and I get what you mean when you say you now see the better in life. That sentence makes perfect sence to me. Everyone else telling you that you are crazy is wrong. This is real. People reading this are probly going to think im a crazy bitch that sits around smoking pot my hole life. But I am so much more than that I am a normal girl, with normal insecurities and problems. I am just so giftedand priveleged that I got shown this other world. I am now so much more in touch with myself and others around me. This world is a beautiful and dangerous place. I hope you are ok and dont let this all eat you up inside. Just trust in your heart what you know is the truth.


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