Is this a sign that i could see aura?

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I never really thought about it but when i stare at something or someone an wide outline would show. The last time i remembered was the color blue. Does this mean i have a sign of seeing aura? If or if not can someone give me a guide to what color the emotions are. and If i have it how i can master it

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Amethyst Moon

Doesn’t sound like you are seeing auras did you see only blue? Get a book about auras that’ll answer it for you…all you have said on auras is not what auras are read about what they REALLY are!


It is……possible. An aura is nothing more than an energy field produced by a living being. They can reflect the emotional state and/or the state of health. I said can, not will. Reading auras is very tricky for a beginner and can be tricky for someone with experience. As for getting a book about auras, you have to be careful, because not everyone that publishes a book actually knows what they are talking about. As far as mastering the skill, all you can do is practice.


i want 2 belive but am sorry cant what else u got? am here


Considering it sounds like this has bin going on for awhile it sounds like your seeing auras. Most of the time these kinds of things take practice but there are people out there with natural born abilities and you might be a natural at this. Ive learned when you can naturally do things like this it may be because you mastered it in your past life so you got to keep it with out having to relearn it.


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