Is this a shadow aura or am I seeing something else?





Sometimes when I look at my shadow or someone else’s shadow, the shadow is not grey. The shadows are sometimes purple, yellow, green, red, brown, or blue. I don’t know if it is just me being able to see these colors on a shadow or not. BTW sometimes the color is in the shadow and sometimes around the shadow.


  1. Yes, you can see shadow auras, but be warned for I can see light auras. Some day, during the ultimate battle between light and dark, we must duel to the death to determine the fate of humanity.

  2. Congratulations, sweetheart because you can see auras! You have an amazing gift, don’t put it to bad use because you could lose it like I lost mine… x

  3. i don’t know much about that subject, but i sure have never seen anything like that in a shadow. i’ll definitely be checking in to see what everyone thinks!!

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