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Is this a psychic attack?

Every time a particular person visits my home, the next day I feel drained, exausted, depressed, and distraut, even if the visit went okay. Could this be a psychic attack, even if they are not into the occult, and how can I stop this from happening?
Some more details are , yes, I feel nauseated as well, like the energy has been sucked out of me. This person is very negative and makes cutting remarks to me. They do not practise occult. Every time they come over this happens, I don’t really understand how such a pervasive attack could happen like this, and I want to prevent it


  • Oh gosh I have had many dealings with these kind of people and yes they are energy drainers. I used to just avoid them. Now I just don’t listen to them or just turn it on them. My experience has been they always want to tell you their problems under the premise that they want your advice. All they want though is for you to feel sorry or side with them. They get jealous, they criticize they want to be the center of attention and when you are they will try to diminish it. They are very self centered people. I found these links that might be helpful to you http://www.buzzle.com/articles/energy-vampires.html http://www.drbrucegoldberg.com/EnergyVampires.htm http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0NAH/is_9_35/ai_n15979231

  • Psy Vamp.
    Check out the Psychic Vampire Codex, M Belanger. Maybe there are ways to defend yourself, if nothing else hand the book to this person and require that they don’t hang out with you until they’ve arranged for other donors.

  • “Wear a quartz crystal,..charged,..
    light Insense,…or use carpet freshener
    or air freshener to bring a sense of smell,..
    To stimulate and energize you,…
    keep a fresh clear glass or in a nice
    vase”,…cool water,..”absorb negative energy'”
    open shades,…let sunlight in,..play music(meditation)
    soft and low,…or adjust to tune that will relax you,..
    but @ same time will cheer the atmosphere”,…
    I like Celtic,…or Music that includes,..Harps,..flute,..etc,..
    meditate and whisper words of comfort,…peace,..protection
    speak them softly into the atmosphere,….speak blessings
    and invite love,..peace,..harmony,..joy,…into your atmosphere,…
    ask God to post Angles @ your door post,..every where you desire
    speak positive energy,…into the atmosphere,..”(This is the day,…
    that the Lord has made,..I will rejoice,…and be glad in it),…once you
    feel that energy in your presence,say to… every thing,..negative,…
    “You,. shall not pass”,…nor are you invited,…this means that if this
    person has a condition on him/her,..they can physically come in
    every thing unseen has to stay out “,..if the person is the condition
    doing this intentionally”,….the energy,…you have surrounding
    you will make him/her uncomfortable,…and will eliminate visits’
    from him/her,…I pray this helps,…take care be blessed”,..peace

  • Understanding how negative energy impacts you is a good start. Research online will help. There is negative/positive energy in everything which surrounds us. The power of positive thinking is one of the most effective ways to dispel negativity and you can practice this technique.
    It does sound as though you are being negatively touched by this person. I would detach myself from this person immediately and contact a qualified energy worker who can help you rid yourself of the negative energy blocking your chakras and aura.

  • yes, they have a demon that travels with them. I would not have anything else to do with them.
    They may have a haunted piece of jewelry and not know it. Even if they are not into the occult something is following them around. Sounds like a psychic attck, more so, then just someone who is negative. Unless you are really good at psychic defense, don’t associate with them, or maybe meet them where other people are so you are not the only one they are draining. You really have no way of knowing who is into what.

  • Yes, it very well could be.

    A way to deal with this would be to meditate, picture a glowing blue ball of energy sparking from your stomach, getting bigger and bigger, until it covers you, like a giant Ball-type-shield.

    Imagine this shield blocking all types of negativity, and bad thoughts, and imagine your own, positive energy bouncing back from the walls, into you, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.

  • It probably takes a lot of energy out of you to be around this person, even if you like them, for whatever reason. Try to chill out more before they come over and while they’re present- there’s something perhaps subconsciously that you have associated with this person that acts as a stressor.

  • no its not a psychic attack. you are prone to some bad energy that a person had, and you got easily absorbed it. the best way to control this, is to have with a ginger, or you may chew a little portion of ginger, dont peel off the ginger just wash it. always bring with you a ginger, like putting it in your pocket or wallet, or if in the house a little bit slice of ginger in the middle of the house, and a little bit to chew. in the philippines, if somebody visits you, or touch you, or just say a simple hello, and you feel as losing your energy, sometimes vomiting, exhausted, sometimes with fever with no cause, they called it “usog”. the best cure on these usog, is ginger. that is what happen to you, the ‘usog”.

  • It could be a possibility, it could also be when this person visits subconciously you think it’s a chore. Dealing with this person is more work than with others, which mentally tires you.

    To solve all problems, the universal solution is to first identify the source. Eliminate it, then fix the harm. So far, what I’ve read on sites the basic method to redirect a phychic attack is to create a psychic shield.

    Which is to form a wall with your thoughts, focus it and bring it into reality which seperates you from that person. Fending off all possible sources of output from that person, an advanced method would allow you to turn it back against them. Or better, psychically assault them back.

    I’m no psychic but it’s general to know this, write down more details. It’s stupid to give such vague things and expect people to come up with specific solutions for your issues, makes no sense.

  • you could be a crystal child/adult/ or empathic (senstive to energies). They could be a vampire without knowing it or have draining enitites around them. learn how to sheild center and ground yourself …. thats one of the best forms of protection.

  • If you believe in energy work – a more new age definition would be to say they’re an ‘energy vampire.’

    Basically they drain you of your energy with their negativity. They like to be around you because your higher energy makes them feel better, where as their lower energy makes you feel drained.

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