Home Discussion Forum Is this a psychic attack? If so, what should i do?

Is this a psychic attack? If so, what should i do?

I was sitting down really relaxed one day and i felt this persons body form into mine and i could feel his stomach in mine then i got this terrible emtionaly charged anger feeling in my gut which i think is still effecting me today. How can i heal my aura / chakras ?


  1. This is ridiculous. It sounds like you could use some therapy to get over your delusions of grandeur.
    There is no such thing in the real world as what you describe. There are no psychic phenomena, no ESP, no mind-reading, no foretelling the future, none of that stuff. That is the stuff of early childhood, of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, of creating an imaginary world with an imaginary friend and then believing it is true.
    It is not true.
    Too many grown people are stuck in childish thinking. You sound like you are one of them. Perhaps you think your regular life is too boring and that you are made for something special. So you prefer to believe in a made-up fantasy land where you have special powers, rather than the real world.
    You need to draw back from the imaginary land of ESP and special mental powers before they become a habit. You think that people will think you are special. Instead, they will think you are foolish to believe in such stuff at your age…or they will think you are crazy, and either stay away from you or try to get you into a mental hospital.


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